Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Division Finals

If you are like me you spent yesterday watching the CFL division finals. You also spent most of the West Final thinking “good lord, the Riders would have beat that lackluster BC effort!”. Alas it was the much hated Stamps you were the beneficiaries.

It’s actually too bad I hate Calgary so much because I do like Kevin Glenn and would like to see him get a ring… problem is I don’t like him enough to cheer for the rest of his douche bag infested team. If he could somehow separate and run as an independent candidate that would be ideal. I would just recommend that Calgary ensure all walkways are thoroughly de-iced and all shower rooms plastered in non-slip mats. I just have this sinking suspicion Glenn will slip and break his arm. Dude just seems cursed.

As for the East final, it’s a real shame that no one in the city will even notice that the Argos have their first legitimately good team since they fired Kent Austin and will be playing for the Cup at home. Since I so loathe the Stamps, I am jumping on the Argo bandwagon… or at least I tried to turns out the city cares so little for football that they don’t even have a bandwagon so I had to built it before I could jump on. Only city I know where support for a sports team is inversely related to their odds of winning a title. I guess they are too busy basking in the fact that the Maple Leafs aren’t currently embarrassing themselves.

Speaking of the East final, has anyone seen or spoken to Brian Bratton since the yesterday. Just assume that between Calvillo and angry French people someone must have done him in.

The Grey Cup goes next week but for now we are opening voting for the annual Fans’ Choice Douche Bag of the Year for the upcoming Rider Prophet Awards Please vote in the poll above. This year’s nominees are:

Khalif Mitchell – Arm bars, throat slashes, racial slurs… take your pick. This guy is a real gem.

Shea Emry – Nominated for punching Labatte in the nuts and then swearing at the refs for having the audacity to eject him.  Despite it being his third offense requiring supplemental discipline apparently it wasn’t suspension worthy.

Jon Cornish – Nominated for being the first person I can recall who got so mad at the Riders and their fans that he took his pants off in disgust.

Jovon Johnson – Nominated for being ridiculously cocky about his defensive skills both before and after getting repeatedly burned by opposing offensive players. In his words: “There is a reason I was defensive player of the year last year”… in my word: “And there are many reasons you did not repeat”


networkace said...

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Anonymous said...

Can't stand the Stamps either. Entire team of d-bags.

You've got the right nominees for the d-bag of the year award. A real shame that the voters for the CFL MVP awards don't take behavior into account when they voted Cornish and Emery to be finalists. Great way to set an example for what the league is all about.


Rider Prophet said...

Yeah gotta love choosing between the mooner and the nut puncher for top Canuck.

That's why I'm pulling for Owens as MOP at least I don't hate the guy.

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