Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Agency Rundown So Far

There has been a ridiculous amount of things going on over the past few days (as expected) so I’m going to do this post in 2 parts. The first part today will be just a rundown of all the goings on. Tomorrow I’ll be back with my thoughts and general smart ass remarks. There’s just been too many big stories to comment on all at once.

Sign OL Dominic Picard, OL Brendon Labatte and DB Paul Woldu
Re-signed Tristan Jackson
Gene Makowsky (that’s future hall of famer Gene Makowsky to you) retired
Signed WR Justin Harper

Re-signed DB Ryan Phillips and Dante Marsh
RB Jamal Lee retired
RB Stu Foord added
Signed DB Byron Parker. Rich Stubler loves Parker so he will be a natural fit in BC.

Extended LB Justin Conn and DE Charleston Hughes’ contract
Signed Australian punter named Scott Crough
Extended K Rene Paredes
DBs IMP Andre Clarke and IMPs Quincy Butler, Brent Vinson

Swooped DL Don Oramasionwu (the heir to Doug Brown) and WR Greg Carr (despite the fact that he had verbally agreed to re-sign) from the Bombers.
Lost Jerome Messam to the Miami Dolphins
Sign DL Kommoyan Quaye
Sign WR Cay Koch – Tillman recruited him. Made sense for him to go there since we apparently no longer care about him.

Can’t be very happy. In addition to losing Oramasionwu and Carr, as mentioned above, also lost Labatte.
Re-signed OL Steve Morley and Glenn January as well QB Alex Brink
Sign LS Jordan Matechuck (fresh of legal troubles due to steroid possession)

Signed OL Marc Parenteau
Sign QB Adam Tafralis, WR Dontrelle Inman
Signed Jason Barnes (now have an Edm connection with Ray, Mann and Barnes)
Re-signed LB Jason Pottinger and DB Willie Pile
Signed QB Jarious Jackson(BC), OL Andre Jones (BC)

Signed Andy Fantuz to a 4 year deal worth $190k per season with a 6 figure signing bonus
Signed OL Tim O’Neil (Cal) and DL Greg Peach (Edm)
Extended LB Ike Brown through 2014
Extended FB Darcy Brown through 2012
Signed Kevin Eiben

Signed LB Rod Davis. Huge boost to their defense. Davis was the premiere defensive player available.


Corinne said...

I think we did very well. So long Fantuz, good luck out East.

Anonymous said...

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