Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Agency Run Down

In case you missed it here's a run down of yesterday's "action"

- Fantuz remains unsigned... mostly because he is in Africa and negotiations are slowed because everything needs to be translated back and forth between that click click language

- We are prepared to offer Labatte $200,000 with $100, 000 of that guaranteed. Why not thrown in our first born at that rate?

- We signed Paul Woldu and Dominic (Captain) Picard. Both decent signings


DB said...

If I remember correctly. I believe you already owe first born to Dressler, Bagg and Congi. I don't you personally promisingly your born to Congi but I have to think you wife did at some point.

DB said...

Words needed to complete my thought are as follows:

that is all

Craig said...

And "first". But your comment was long enough that you've probably still got like an 85% rate so that's better than Karwandy usually does anyway.

Anonymous said...

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