Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kitwana Jones Traded

Just heard that Kitwana Jones has been traded to Edmonton... apparently for QB Juan Joseph.

I'm too mad to even begin to comment at this point.

Check back Monday for complete details.


Luke said...

Since you're too angry for details, I had to go to Rod Pedersen's blog for some info - which I'm not all that happy about. And I read this, which I imagine is the official press release:

Joseph signed with the Eskimos earlier this year after an outstanding collegiate career at Millsaps College. The 21-year old had an outstanding senior year averaging more than 24 completions per game while completing 67% of his passes with 32 touchdowns. He threw only six interceptions in 445 attempts. Joseph was a three-time SCAC Offensive Player of the Year and nine-time SCAC Offensive Player of the Week.Now, I consider myself fairly knowledgable when it comes to the world of football - even college football - and I had never heard of Milsaps College or the SCAC. Thank goodness for Google.

Turns out the SCAC is the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference - a DIII conference. Bad start.

The SCAC contains such powerhouses as:

Centre College
Sewanee University of the South
Hendrix College

And the college which replaces the Colorado School of Mines as my favorite U.S. institution of higher learning...

Oglethorpe University - GO STORMY PETRELS!!

I wonder if they offer correspondence courses? I'd love to have a degree from Oglethorpe.

One more fun fact about the SCAC, of its 12 teams, four(FOUR!) are named the Tigers - a whopping 33.3% (repeating of course).

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to shop for some Oglethorpe University merchandise.

Rider Prophet said...

Well if he's good enough to beat Ogelthorpe, the kangaroos and 4 tigers... he's good enough for me

Anonymous said...

Cheer up Prophet. Remember we did trade James Johnson this off season. I guess you Juan some you lose some.