Saturday, May 2, 2009

CFL Draft


Anonymous said...

Nice coverage, it got awesome right around 9:29.

Anonymous said...

Good work guys, only think you had missing was a CIS coach with you. Try and get McCrystal in on this next year....or the now 15 year old kid from Biggar


Ronbo the Riderfan said...

Methinks Tilman may be a little too obsessed with local talent. I like the leaning homeward but Saskatchewan is not the only place that produces football talent. Of course they were both third rounders in a weak draft so it's not like he wasted good picks.

Rider Prophet said...

Annon - that's the first useful thing Media Consultant has done in months... he may have single handledly saved his job with that performance.

Gov - McCrystal would be fun to have on (he was actually my english teacher in high school) espcially since we now draft exclusively from the Rams. As for the kid from Biggar I'd almost forgotten about him. He would also be pretty entertaining

Ronbo - The George pick was a good one. The Hutchins one was probably one of convinience but as you say it was the 3rd round of a weak draft.