Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning Sentimonies: They’re Back

Hopefully you all had a happy Easter. Though at this point in your life if you see a giant rabbit delivering chocolate to your house it is a sign of a serious drug problem… you should seek help.

If you thought I was short on actual football material last week, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This week, CFL news is thinner than that sorry excuse for toilet paper you find in public bathrooms. Now if you’re a regular reader you know that when news gets thin its time for the return of Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts. Regular readers will also notice very little difference from my normal posts.

- It was announced last week that this upcoming season the CFL would be celebrating the 60’s with retro games throughout the year complete with retro uniforms (yes, more jerseys for you to shell out for). I have always maintained that it’s not a true retro game unless the players wear those leather helmets and replace their shoulder pads with frozen steaks, apparently the league doesn’t agree with me on this one.

- Whether you’re for or against it, you might as well come to terms with the fact that Saskatchewan will be getting a new stadium… and it will be domed. If you don’t like the idea of a dome then I challenge you to submit a business plan to Brad Wall that could make a multi-million dollar tax payer investment that is only used 10 times a year profitable. (If you do manage to come up with one please pass it by me first so I can review your work to ensure it is of the highest quality… prior to stealing the idea and passing it off as my own).

- Michael Bishop has resurfaced… but before you start panicking and planning Tonya Harding-style attacks… I should tell you that he resurfaced in the Indoor Football League. He’ll be playing for the Corpus Christi Hammerheads. My sincerest apologies to the fans in Corpus Christi (assuming they have any). The good news here is that the IFL gets zero TV coverage so the embarrassment you are about to endure won’t be publicly viewable.

- What a disappointing weekend for Canadian sports. Our women lost the hockey World Championships to the US and then Kevin Martin goes out and chokes on his final shot to lose to Scotland. I guess things could be worse. We could have been one of those countries whose highest aspiration for this year’s curling championships was a 9th place finish to sneak into next year’s Olympics. Good for you China!

CFL Ins and Outs

In: Sherko Haji-Rasouli, Ryan Phillips, Lavar Glover (contract extensions), DB Jon Guice, OL Andrew Jones WR Dereck Faulkner, WR Jason Jones, WR Eric McCain (free agent signing)
I think BC has now extended every starter on their roster this offseason. In addition to the 3 names above, the list of extensions signed this year includes Miles, Glatt, Hunt, Wilson, Pierce, Banks, Marsh, Jimenez, both Jacksons, Simon, and McCallum. I guess Buono intends to take next offseason off.

In: LB Tim Goodwell, DL Alex Morrow, WR David Ball, WR Airese Currie, WR LaShaun Ward (free agent signing)
What an odd collection of first names. Airese? LaShaun? David? I mean what were their parents thinking?

In: DE Ben Ishola, DE David McMillan (free agent signing)
I thought about trying to write something about these two but then realized I don’t really care much about the Argonauts… and I’m guessing neither do you.


Anonymous said...

I hate to sound like a broken record but the Jays are still tied for first.

I'm posting this as much as I can because we all know soon I won't be able. At that time I will discontinue my meaningless rant about this.

I figured you would appreciate the meaningless rant.

Rider Prophet said...

At this point in the offseason your meaningless rant is about the most meaningful thing going on here on the blog so by all means rant away.

For the record the Jays lost tonight... get used to hearing that phrase.

Luke said...

Have no fear, BJ Ryan is already in mid-season form:

3 games
2.2 innings pitched
6 hits
4 runs
1 home run
3:1 walk/strike-out ratio
ERA of 13.50
2 save opportunities
1 save

Plus, there's an above-average chance he'll be on the DL by the All-Star break. I'm going to go with 'elbow soreness.'

Rider Prophet said...

BJ Ryan is absolutely attrocious. I have no clue what the Blue Jays see in him. He may be the worst closer in the Majors.

I'm surprised Halladay hasn't killed him yet.

Luke said...

I consider myself a Blue Jays fan (as much as I consider myself a baseball fan) but man oh man do I love rooting for BJ Ryan to fail. Something about it makes me happy - probably because I think Ryan's failings will bring about the demise of JP Ricciardi. Jerks with initials for names always stick together.

reed's black said...

i would like to point out that bishop is alot like the prophet's STD problem just when you think your rid of them they flair back up somewhere else

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Craig said...

That's interesting. Personally, I vote for much less updation.