Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Where’s My Ostriches?

I’ll warn you… news is pretty thin this week and not likely to get better in the near future. Hopefully you’re enjoying my Salute To Bad Team Names…

The CFL rule committee has proposed 5 potential rule changes for the 2009 season. They include:
- Teams must kick off after a field goal, no taking it at the 35-yard-line.
- After a safety, the kick will be from the 25 yard line instead of the 35.
- Granting a 3rd challenge if a team is successful in their first 2
- Allowing the wildcat offense
- Creating a central "command centre" similar to that of the NHL to review on-field calls that have been challenged by a coach.

While I’m disappointed that my “officials must ride trained ostriches” suggestion didn’t make the cut, I'm happy with the suggestions being put forward and think all 5 will be good for the game. As for the ostriches that I prematurely started stockpiling... I will shortly have a large supply of ostrich meat if anyone is interested.

CFL Evaluation Camp ran this weekend and was highlighted by RB Jamall Lee setting an E-Camp record in the 40 yard dash (4.39) and vertical jump (44 inches). I’d go into more depth about the weekend results but given that anyone good enough to be invited to E-Camp will likely be drafted before the Riders lone pick comes up, there’s really no point.

Given that there’s nothing major happening in the football world, I’ve been watching a lot of curling. This weekend's Brier action has made it painfully obvious that we should not have a provincial playdown, we should just always send Stefanie Lawton to the Scotties and Pat Simmons to the Brier. Actually I even think we should have sent Lawton to the Brier this year, she couldn't be any worse than our current representatives. And she's better to look at than this "Johnny Depp plays Dracula" thing that Joel Jordison has going on. Unless CFL news starts to pick up, expect a lot more curling commentary in the coming posts.

CFL Ins and Outs

In: Buck Pierce (contract extension)
The first report I heard on this stated it was a 2 year deal worth $930,000, at which point I almost choked on my ostrich burger. It led me to believe Buono should lay off the drugs (and that Ricky Ray should get a better agent because he’s easily worth twice as much as Buck). Further research into the matter clarified that it is a 2 year plus an option deal that (including incentives) totals $930K, putting his base salary in the high $200K range. This is much less outlandish than I first thought but still strikes me as a lot of money for a 27 year old blessed with the body of a 67 year old.

In: Brandon Guillory (free agent signing)
Good signing by the Ti-cats but some people are wondering why the Riders didn’t go after him given that he’s a young D-linemen who has showed some promise. Like most things, it boiled down to money. I’m guessing the Ti-cats offered him some pretty good coin. The Riders by comparison have been unwilling to offer money to a reigning MOP and standout linebacker… do you really think we're going to throw big money at an inconsistent import linemen?

In: LB John Mohring (free agent signing)
Mohring played last season in the AFL… and that’s about as much effort I’m putting in to writing something about him.

Out: OL Jude St. John, OL Jerome Davis (released)
Oddly enough some people are questioning this move by the Argos. I guess they don’t agree that getting rid of 2 members of the 2nd worst O-line in the CFL to make room for 2 all-star linemen is a good idea.

In: DB Keyuo Craver, DB Derrick Straight (free agent signings)
So would the bizzaro Derrick Straight be Derrick Gay?


Luke said...

"You know, they say ostrich has less fat, but you eat more of it."

Anonymous said...

"Johnny Depp plays Dracula" That is gold.