Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Apologies

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I am in the process of moving and was without internet up until last night. While I’m sure many of you were disappointed that my Monday Morning Sentimonies did not appear this week, I assure you, you didn’t miss much. I can sum up my post-game sentimonies with 1 sentence… Michael Bishop has reached a level of retardedness I didn’t think even he was capable of and the condition appears to be contagious and rubbing off on our coaches. (Needless to say I was a very angry man on Sunday).

Unfortunately I won’t be able to do a full post on tomorrow’s game as I am headed off to Saskatoon with work shortly and will roll back into town just in time for the game. While I don’t have the time for a proper analysis of the game, I will go out and make a bold prediction… We will not win another game this season with Bishop at QB. And since Bishop will be starting again, expect another embarrassing performance this Friday. It's times like this I'm thankful for Wisers.

Stamps by 14

Thanks for bearing with me through this week and rest assured I will return in full force on Monday


Anonymous said...

whoops - so much for the prediction. but thanks for the blog and good luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

This dude got it right:

But don't worry Proph, you're still "da man"...but don't you think you're selling the rest of the team short with the line "We will not win another game this season with Bishop at QB"? We've got a great defence and a lot of talented players on offence, too. I know you're not a fan of Bishop...but could you remember that Bishop doesn't win or lose a game all by himself?

Keep up the good work.

Sign me,
Passionate about the Riders
Kitchener, ON

Rider Prophet said...

Passinate about the Riders - I'll admit that Bishop isn't solely to blame for our previous 3 loses. However, the QB is expected to be your leader on the field. When your leader is throwing bad INTs, fumbling and turning the wrong way on run plays, it's hard for the rest of the guys to rally around him. Marcus Crandell took a lashing when his performance was subpar, it's only fair that Bishop be treated the same.

Hopefully Bishop's performance on Friday is a sign of things to come in the coming weeks. I've always said Bishop has all the tools to be a good QB, Friday he finally proved he has the brains to put those skills to use.

Anonymous said...

Hey Proph,

I couldn't agree with you more...and just let me say that I am pleased that you set aside your personal opinions to acknowledge Bishop's performance when warranted and blast him when it's subpar. And that's one thing I like about you dude: you acknowledge when something good happens regardless of your feelings. THAT makes for good reading.

Hey, with Frenette and O'Day out, perhaps Patrick Thibeault or the "stripper cousin" could be the long snapper? Oh, wait...stripper and long snapper in the same sentence? Yech!!!

Passionate about the Riders
Kitchener, ON