Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Public Opinion on Rider QBs: A Chronology

There has been no hotter topic this year in Riderville than quarterback. We have seen a carousel of starting QBs. In fact, it seems the only thing that changes more often than our QB depth chart, is public opinion on the individual QBs. Here’s a brief chronology of how public opinion has changed regarding each QB throughout the season.

Marcus Crandell
  • Kerry Joseph traded – Marcus Crandell is considered terrible, old and incapable of leading the Rider offense
  • Game 1 win – Crandell immediately becomes a dangerous QB and the leader of a potent Rider offense
  • Crandell gets hurt – Crandell’s status quickly changed from offensive leader to old, washed-up and out of shape
  • Rumours surface of a trade to Winnipeg – Fear runs rampant in Riderville that we are giving an opponent a quality back-up QB
  • Crandell is cut – Status returns to old, washed-up and ineffective

Darian Durant

  • Training Camp – His talent is questioned and talk of Drew Tate leapfrogging him begins
  • Game 2 win – Status upgraded from Butler-esque career 3rd stringer to minimally competent back-up QB
  • Back to back wins – Durant is dubbed the next great QB and the future of the Rider franchise who must be re-signed at all costs
  • Injury – Opinion remains unchanged, general view is that upon Durant’s return he will reclaim his role and continue to walk on water
  • Returns in relief of Michael Bishop – Looks less than stellar and some questions begin but it’s generally attributed to rust
  • Named starting QB again – The saviour of the franchise had returned. Allelulia!
  • 3 Ints before halftime – Saviour of the franchise immediately becomes noodle armed failure who’s big mouth and poor play make him expendable come the offseason… if not sooner

Michael Bishop

  • Traded to Riders - Heralded as a great move by Eric Tillman
  • Wins 2 games – Dubbed the most physically gifted and exciting QB in the league, a true franchise player
  • 4 poor games culminating in 3 INTs and a benching – Bishop suddenly dubbed an idiot who can clearly not lead us in the post season
  • Durant falters – People start questioning why Bishop is not playing

Stephen Jyles

  • Traded for Perry – hated since we traded an all-star for this 3rd string QB
  • 1st Appearance – hated for almost costing us the game
  • Wins Toronto game – hated for not being Durant
  • Wins Hamilton game – hated for throwing an INT in a winning effort
  • Named starter against Edmonton – hated for reasons I still don’t understand

Stay tuned because with 2 regular season games and the playoffs remaining there is still a large part of this chronology left to unfold. I can only assume it will somehow involve Dalton Bell becoming the public's new golden boy... and quickly just as quickly falling back out of favour.

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