Monday, March 24, 2008

On This Day In Roughrider History: One Hull Of A Fullback

Welcome to my second installment featuring notable moments in Roughrider history.

For today's history lesson we take you back to 1994... Ace of Base ruled the airwaves with their smash hit The Sign, the Dallas Cowboys had just handed the Buffalo Bills their 4th straight Super Bowl loss and children everywhere were playing Mortal Kombat on their Sega Genesis... ahh those were the days... now where was I? Oh right the Riders...

It was on this day 14 years ago when we signed a young Canadian fullback by the name of Bart Hull. That's right Bart Hull as in the son of NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Hull. Bart Hull as in the brother of the NHL's 3rd alltime leading goal scorer Brett Hull. Now if for some reason you aren't as familiar with Bart's career as his family's here's a quick history lesson...

Bart was a 1st round pick (4th overall) by the BC Lions in the '91 Canadian College Draft where he played until signing with the Riders. A recurring knee injury brought an early end to his career.

Can you imagine what it would have been like for poor Bart at Hull family get-togethers...

Mrs. Hull: So Bobby what's new?
Bobby: Well Mom, I was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame
Mrs. Hull: Congratulations! And young Brett how about you?
Brett: I just became the 3rd alltime leading scorer in the NHL Grandma.
Mrs. Hull: Well isn't that nice. Bobby Jr.?
Bobby Jr.: My hockey team won the Memorial Cup.
Mrs. Hull: Good for you! And who could forget Bart...
Bart: I play fullback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
Mrs. Hull: ... that's ... okay... I guess... so how many records do you hold?
Bart: None Grandma
Mrs. Hull: Win any championships?
Bart: No.
Mrs. Hull: (whispers to Bobby) Is he adopted?

So on this day we salute Bart Hull and all others who's highly successful family members make their life accomplishments look meager by comparison.


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