Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CFL News - Catching Up

There's been so many big stories over the past couple weeks that a few CFL transactions have slid under the radar. So here's a summary of what's been happening in the CFL with a healthy dose of Rider Prophet commentary.

In: Quentin Griffin, Brock Stratton (free agents), Chris Getzlaf (re-signed)
Griffin's story goes like this... he's a former Denver Bronco who holds the franchise record for most rushing yards in a season opener with 156 yds. In 2004 he tore his ACL which effectively ended his NFL career. He spent last season in NFL Europe. I really like this story for some reason. Maybe it's because the last former Bronco who had a promising NFL career cut short by a knee injury who signed with Riders turned out so great. Then again maybe it's because I'm just highly in favour of any signing that could result in Henri Childs being cut.

In: Jermese Jones, Nate Curry (free agents)
Out: Brian Clark (released)
So the Stamps release one of the few bright spots on last year's sorry excuse for a defense and bring in 2 offensive players... looks like the Calgary mentality of "improve your defense by pumping money into the offense" will continue under new coach John Hufnagel.

In: Thaddeus Washington, LB (free agent)
Out: Omarr Morgan and Robert Brown (released)
So only a year after bolting Saskatchewan for the lucrative five year deal being offered by Edmonton, Omarr Morgan finds himself out of work. Most agree that he had a fairly disappointing 2007 season, and this is possibly attributable to the fact that he left Regina in such a hurry that he forgot to pack a few essential items - most notably, Eddie Davis and Richie Hall. Without ED and Richie to make him look good, it turns out that Omarr is just another mediocre defensive player. Of course if Edmonton cut people just for being mediocre defensive players they wouldn’t have enough players left on the roster to field a defense.

In: Orlando Steinauer, Kenny Weaton, Wayne Shaw and Michael Bishop (contracts extended)
Many people, myself included, were surprised to see the Argos extend Bishop after they acquired Kerry Joseph. Obviously they weren't satisfied with his performance last season. We'll have to wait and see how Bishop handles this demotion to a back-up role. To his credit, Bishops seems to be taking this all in stride. When asked about the presence of Joseph on the roster he said "I feel good about it, and I'll continue feeling good about it. I feel we've got two of the best quarterbacks in the league"... I'm surprised he thinks so highly of Rocky Butler.

In: Dahrran Diedrick, (re-signed)
Out: Patrick Dorvelus (retired)
Although neither of these moves is all that interesting or important, if I left out the only French team in the league there may be accusations of discrimination and such so I'm including it just to be safe.

In: Ryan Donnelly (free agent)
It is clear that Winnipeg has made signing offensive linemen a priority this offseason, having already extended Goodspeed and Sheridan. This is probably a very good idea considering they are 3 months away from camp and only have one QB under contract. Sources say that rather than signing a back-up QB, the Bombers are just going to line up 7 linemen and hope for the best.

In: Pat Woodcock, Jermaine Mays, Calvin Carlyle and Nick Kordic (free agents)
Out: Sir James Delgardo, David Lofton (released)
Woah, woah woah... Hamilton had a player named Sir James Delgardo?! Why am I just finding out about this now??? Who names their kid Sir James? I'll tell you who... Sir James Delgardo Sr. He liked the name so much he passed it on to his son. Awesome! How cocky must you be to give your kid a name that essentially likens them to royalty? Problem is when you are a no name player who gets cut from Hamilton it kind of tarnishes that royalty image.


Wilma said...

"I'm surprised he thinks so highly of Rocky Butler."

Thanks for giving me the best laugh of my morning.

Anonymous said...

Another fine article but you are going to have to do a follow up. Charles Thomas finding work in the CFL is a comment just waiting to happen.


Anonymous said...

I know a follow up is in order... just my luck that noteworthy CFL news arrises after I post an article. Happened last week too. Regardless, the return of Charles Thomas is clearly a story that the Rider Prophet can't pass up.