Friday, June 5, 2015

Frinday Round-Up: Doubling My Output

I'm sure you are shocked to find that I have actually posted something on a Friday. This offseason that is about as rare an event as an NFL story that doesn't include drugs/booze, violence against women/children or deflated balls. But fear not for this post is the first of many of its kind. With games starting next week, you can expect to find my pre-game analysis on Fridays (or sooner depending on when game day is) followed by post game analysis, thoughts and ranting in the usual Monday Morning Sentimonies space. I can't wait for football games to start... even if it means I have to start working twice as hard.

My limited posting over the offseason wasn't a result of laziness... okay it wasn't completely a result of laziness. Gone are the careless days of being a responsibility-free bachelor, replaced by the everyday craziness of family life. In addition to this, I have also been working on a couple Prophet side projects that I wanted to fill you in on.

The first project should be of interest to anyone looking at doing a CFL Fantasy draft this year through Fanataseh. I have been working on a fantasy guide complete with analysis, rankings and the all important cheat sheets. The guide will be launching early next week and believe me, it will be worth your investment just to save you the hassle of making your own cheat sheets/rankings. Stay tuned for more info.

The second project actually involves minimal work on my part and mooching off the hard work of others (just the way I like it). A new newspaper recently launched called the Quad Town Forum in Vibank, Sedley, Odessa, Francis, Kronau, Lajord and surrounding areas. In a move I'm sure they will one day come to regret, the Quad Town Forum decided to include an article featuring my sentimonies in its weekly publication. If you are from that area I strongly encourage you to check it out. I would also encourage anyone businesses to consider advertising in the Quad Town Forum if that area is in your target market. The rest of you should get a subcription anyway. Best case scenario you expand your reading horizons and stay connected with our province. Worst case scenario you'll be able to have your pets defecate on my sentimonies (at least one of you had to have thought about doing that already). Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

I'll be back on Monday with my Sentimonies on training camp as we get set for an actual football game next Saturday. Wooo!


Govind said...

Congrats on getting your article published on those newspapers. Well deserved!

Unknown said...

should i assume the fantasy draft will take the place of the historic weekly picks?

Rider Prophet said...

gov - thanks

tom - Are you Smarter Than A Toddler will indeed be back. Child related gambling is the best kind of gambling.