Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Canadian Fantasy Football Guide

It took a lot of work but I'm proud to officially launch my Canadian Fantasy Football Guide 2015!

Its 40 pages of analysis, stats, position rankings and the all important draft cheat sheets. It is a must have for anyone involved with a CFL fantasy draft. It is also the only guide out there.

It's available for download for the low price of $5.

Given that things change by the minute during training camp I will be updating this guide once after the first set of preseason games and once after the last preseason game. If you purchase today and email me a copy of your proof of purchase (riderprophet at gmail) I will send you updated versions as they are finalized. Its the best way to ensure you get you guide the soonest while still ensuring you get the most up to date information. Again its only $5!

To get your copy visit the following link right now.



Ted said...

My copy doesn't list choices on who I could draft as the team mascot. Gainer, The Flame, Rider Prophet, etc...

Great idea on the Fantasy Guide though!

Rider Prophet said...

Well given that I wear clothing that covers below my waist and don't come with an potential injury disclaimer I would put myself atop that list... though I may be biased.

In terms of the remaining teams' mascots here's how I would rank them

1 Roided-up creepy lumberjacks beats lion because.. well he's a roided up creepy lumberjack
2 Lion edges TigerCat because a Lion is a real thing
3 TigerCat beats winnipeg bird because cats eats birds
4 Real Winnipeg birds beats inflatable alouette bird for obvious reasons
5 Inflatbale bird beats argonaut because years of Braley cutbacks meant Argo's sword and armor had to be pawned and replaced with recycled chinese newspaper
6 Argonaut beats horse because you don't have to clean up its poop
7 Horse beats Edmonton football because he could hopefully kick a field goal with it

Unknown said...

It is a really great book but for true beginners I would really recommend getting familiar with the game at first and then spending money on books. Try this guide on fantasy sports to get an idea what fantasy sports is and where you can play it.

Unknown said...

There is also another guide about fantasy football that is free on https://www.dailylineups.com/. For those who are new I don't think buying a guide from Amazon is the way. Just start reading online.