Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Morning Sentimonies: This And That

As long-time readers will know, when there is a long weekend my posts usually wait until Tuesday. In my younger days it was generally a product of nursing some kind of weekend-related hangover. Now I have children so the hangover excuse has pretty much gone, but the spirit of laziness endures.

You'll have to bear with my through a fairly random smattering of my thoughts (again I'm sure long-time readers won't even notice the difference). I had planned to do a post today talking about how how thin the Riders were at import LB... but then they went and signed a couple more late last week. So there went that idea. So here are some random thoughts that will have to tide you over until later in the week when I can come up with some sort of coherent premise for a post.

- Mark my words, there will be a last second deal in the CFL labour talks. Outside shot that 1 or 2 days of training camp get lost but there is no way the League will let preseason games be missed as that's when tickets sales and TV ratings kick in. The CFL knows it has to pay up its just becoming a game of chicken as to what amount that will be. I'm not worried.

- Must be interesting dynamics going on in the CFLPA. The vets will likely to be begging the negotiating committee to stall things so they don't have to endure training camp. On the flip side, any rookie or player without a roster spot should be begging for the opposite. Rookie camp and the first couple days of main camp can be the difference between a job in football and unemployment for some.

- If there is a strike someone needs to get on the phone immediately to Keanu Reeves

- I think we should be actively campaigning for Kevin Glenn to get traded to Montreal and/or Edmonton. They are the only 2 teams in the CFL left on his Bingo card. (For those asking about Toronto, we traded him there in '04 but they quickly moved him to Winnipeg).

- Given that we have 16 DBs on the roster and our starting 5 is almost already set, I'm thinking we will fill Butler's LB spot with another converted DB.

- Also given how few new DTs we have brought in it tells me we are very confident in the few we do have.

- Crazy to think how close the 2014 season is.  I can't wait!

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