Monday, May 12, 2014

CFL Draft 2014 Mock Draft

The CFL Draft goes tomorrow at 6pm Sask time. We have a bit more clarity around what might go down tomorrow after the NFL Draft. The two notable goings on NFL-wise include OL Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff was drafted in the 6th round by Kansas City. Fellow OL prospect David Foucault didn't get drafted but garnered an invite to Carolina's mini-camp.

The time has come for my annual attempt at a Mock Draft. It's based on assessing team needs in comparison to the available talent. In all likelihood the accuracy of this mock draft will be shaky at best but this is how I see it playing out anyway.

Round 1
1 - Ottawa - OL Pierre Lavertu - The top draft prospects are O-linemen, Ottawa needs O-linemen. Lavertu is the most likely to have an immediate impact and has the added bonus of being a centre, which is a need for Ottawa in the wake of Marwan Hage retiring.
2 - Winnipeg - OL Matthias Goosen - Bombers need to improve their OL and won't be willing to risk taking anyone that might not be in camp come June (thanks to Joe Mack's handling of the draft). Goosen may not have the highest ceiling of the OL prospects but is a safe and solid option.
3 - Edmonton - OL David Foucault - Esks desperately need to improve the protection in front of Reilly. Foucault is risky due to his invite to an NFL mini-camp but, as he did with Stefan Charles last year, Hervey will be willing to take the risk.
4 - Montreal -DB Andrew Lue - This is a tough pick to call as it could go many directions. I actually had Quinn Smith going here until the whole steroids thing. I think the Als look to build depth behind Mike Edem and Marc-Olivier Brouilette on defense.
5 - BC - DL Quinn Smith - While the steroids thing will have minor impact on Smith's status, he will still go high. Buono always seems to take the best talent available regardless of position and I see Smith fitting that. There may be questions about just how much you can read into his combine numbers but Buono has a long history of being willing to overlook discretions of all kinds as long as the talent is there.
6 - Toronto - DL Even Gill - Argos could go receiver here but I think they will opt for a solid lineman to platoon with Cleyon Laing.
7 - Calgary - DL Dylan Ainsworth - With no real needs, the Stamps will take the best player on the board at this spot.
8 - Saskatchewan (via Ham) - LB Jesse Briggs - By all accounts Briggs is the most athletically gifted LB in this draft class. The Riders need to rebuild Cdn depth on D and Briggs would be able to make an impact immediately on Special Teams where they have lost impact cover guys in Newman and Butler.
9 - Hamilton (via Sask) - DB Antoine Pruneau - Ticats are looking to start 2 Cdns in the secondary (Butler, Stephen) and will therefore need to build depth there.

Round 2
10 - Ottawa - WR Devon Bailey - Redblacks will need to start at least one (if not 2) Cdn receiver and don't have a clear cut starter on their roster let alone reliable depth. Only makes sense for them to address that by taking the best receiver in the draft.
11 - Hamilton (via Sask via Win) - WR Kris Bastien - While Fantuz and Guigere are solid starters, depth behind them as taken a hit with the departure of Stala and Charboneau-Campeau.
12 - BC (via Edm) - RB Anthony Coombs - File this under  "too good to pass on". Buono won't let a talent like Coombs slip any lower.
13 - Montreal - DL David Menard - By this point in the draft the top end talent will be starting to thin out. While there isn't a huge need at DL, I can see Popp opting for Menard anyway.
14 - BC - DB Adam Thibault - Getting spurned by Craig Butler in the offseason, has BC looking at back-up plans at DB.
15 - Toronto - LB Max Caron - While the Argos have Emry and Yurichuk, Caron will be a nice way to further build that depth.
16 - Calgary - DB Derek Jones - Regardless of whether they end up starting a Cdn safety or not, the Stamps will still look to add some competition at DB.., even if its only for special teams.
17 - Hamilton - LB Casey Chin - Again, no real need here but Chin will be one of the few remaining top end prospects left.
18 - Saskatchewan - LB Beau Landry - Not entirely convinced that Landry drops this low but if he does you can bet the Riders will nab him.

Round 3
19 - Calgary (via Ott)- WR Evan Pszczonak
20 - Winnipeg - LB Chris Johnson
21 - Edmonton - OL Dhillon Jaskaran 
22 - Montreal - RB Alexandre Dupuis
23 - Ottawa (via Cal via BC) - OL Kyle Patterson
24 - Calgary (via Win via Tor) - OL Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff - with three 3rd round picks and not major needs to address, the Stamps will be willing and able to take the flyer on the top OL prospect in the draft.
25 - Calgary - OL Player Tchissakid
26 - Winnipeg (via Cal via Ham) - WR Scott MacDonell
27 - BC (via Sask) - OL Terry Hart

Round 4
28 - Ottawa - DB Josh Bourns
29 - Winnipeg - K Johnny Mark
30 - Edmonton - DL Nigel Romick
31 - Montreal - WR Francis LaPointe
32 - BC - WR Tore Corrado
33 - Toronto - DB Raye Hartmann
34 - Calgary - LB Thomas Miles
35 - Montreal (via Hamilton) - OL Aaron Wheaton
36 - Toronto (via Sask) - WR Alex Pierzchalski

Round 5
37 - Ottawa - K Tyler Crapigna
38 - Toronto (via Winnipeg) - WR Alexander Fox
39 - Saskatchewan (via Edm) - DL Michael Dadzie - Gotta have at least one draft pick from a Saskatchewan university... I think its policy.
40 - Calgary (via Montreal) - DL Martin Pesek
41 - BC - DL Derek Wiggan
42 - Toronto - OL Quinn Everett
43 - Montreal (via Calgary) - LB Travis Bent
44 - Hamilton - FB Aaron Milton
45 - Saskatchewan - DB Eric Black

Round 6
46 - Ottawa - DL Kirby Fletcher
47 - Winnipeg - RB Guillaume Bourassa
48 - Edmonton - K Zach Meidros
49 - Montreal - RB Pascal Lochard
50 - BC - OL Spencer Wilson
51 - Hamilton (via Calgary) - DB Matt Webster
52 - Hamilton - DL Dylan Roper
53 - Saskatchewan - OL Frederik Lafrance

Round 7 
55 - Ottawa - LB Omar Smith-Jackson
56 - Winnipeg - DL Matthieu Girard 
57 - Edmonton - DB Mattey Ossum
58 - Montreal - DB Alexandre Branco 
59 - BC - DL James Tuck
60 - Toronto - OL Lane Bryska
61 - Calgary - Aram Eisho
62 - Hamilton - FB Mac Sarro
63 - Saskatchewan - WR Kit Hillis
64 - Ottawa - OL Renaud Lafrance-Longtin
65 - Ottawa - RB Jordan Botel


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