Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Welcome to 2014

 Welcome to a New Year. I would say Happy New Year but you are all likely so cold that any suggestion on my part that there is something happy about all of this is likely to be responded to with a middle finger… or at least a middle finger under three layers of mittens. I’m with you… do you have any idea what wind-chill like this will do to a guy who wears a robe?

I hope Santa was good to you… I hear the good boys and girls got Grey Cup Champion gear while bad kids got Blue Bomber gear. Actually my New Year’s resolution is to only insult the Bombers when they really, really deserve it this year. Fortunately since they are a train wreck, this will likely not result in a decrease in Bomber insults.

To help warm your souls and fill the football-less void that is the offeseason, let’s get you caught up on what happened throughout the CFL during the break.

Coaching Moves
Big news here is that with the departure of Khari Jones, George Cortez will reportedly assume the duties of QB coach. While there has been no announced extension of Cortez’s 1 year contract, I am assuming that means he will be staying put in Saskatchewan. This is fantastic news. Coming off a career year, the consistency of keeping the same OC should lead another top notch year from Durant and our offense.

Marcel Bellefeuille – named OC in Winnipeg (I’d beak but honestly a Bellefeuille offense would be an improvement over whatever they call last year)

Edmonton – word is Steve McAdoo will be the OC with Jarious Jackson and Kevin Strasser as offensive assistants.

Ottawa announcd the rest of their coaching staff including: Mark Nelson (DC), Mike Gibson (OC), Marcus Crandell (QB coach), Travis Moore (WR coach)

NFL Watch
Chris Williams - signed with the Chicago Bears with a signing bonus reported in the $100,000 range
Michael Ola (Mtl) – signed with Miami Dolphins (not like they have OL issues or anything)
Derrius Brooks (Cal) – signed with New Orleans Saints

CFL Ins and Outs

In: QB Troy Smith, QB Tanner Marsh, OL Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, DB Billy Parker (contract extension), WR Geoff Coventry (free agent signing)
Out: OL Michael Ola (signed with Miami)
With respect to Anthony Calvillo’s future, its pretty telling that the Als and Troy Smith have agreed to a 3 year contract extension. Unless Smith is morphing into Adrian McPherson 2.0 expect a retirement press conference in the near future.

In: DL Jason Vega (free agent signing)
Vega (who I will forever refer to as Savio Vega) returns to the Bombers after spending 2013 in the NFL. He can’t like his current career trajectory though: He started 2013 in New England, got cut and ended up in Dallas, got cut and is now back in Winnipeg. I guess the good news is that it’s not really possible to go down any further.

Out: FB Jeff Johnson (retired), WR Dontrell Inman (released)
Inman had interest from 5 NFL teams and will likely be signing soon with 1 of them… unless he pulls a Scott Flory and signs with 2.

In: LB Rico Murray, K Brett Lauther (contract extension)

In: FB Smith Wright (2013 draft pick signing)

In: LB Juwan Simpson, WR Jabari Arthur (contract extension)
Out: DB Derrius Brooks (signed with New Orleans)

In: WR Simon LeMarquand, OL Anthony Barrette (free agent signing)

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