Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Roundup: Maze Re-Signs

There was a lot of activity acorss the CFL this week... which was in stark contrast to the prairies where the cold spell had people going out of their way to avoid activity. Let's get you caught up...

Biggest news came yesterday with news that Terrell Maze has re-signed with the Riders. This is great news as I really don't think Maze gets enough credit or recognition for how good he is. He is a key piece of our defense an I'm glad he will be staying here.

Maze is the first of what I am calling "The Big 6" Rider Free Agents... Dressler, Sheets, Butler, Maze, Milo and Smith. All except Dressler are coming off a rookie contract and deserving of a raise and its not like we have any extra cap space just kicking around. Shedding Shologan's salary will help but something else will have to give in order to make the numbers workable. Just glad Maze is not one of those things to give.

In other Rider news, there are reports that KR/RB Clifton Smith will be signed soon. Smith was ProBowl returner with Tampa Bay in 2008 and spend the end of last year in Calgary and managed  a TD and a long return in limited action. Should be a solid addition to the competition at returner and RB.

The court case for the "Dewdney Brawl" has been adjourned until February 27.  Look I got the tactic to stall until after the season but you would think the Riders would want some closure on this sooner rather than later now so they know how they can proceed. I wonder how much the lawyers have made of this despite their only contribution being a bunch of stalls/delays.

One last general CFL note, Lansdowne Stadium in Ottawa will be called TD Place – except when Winnipeg is in town at which point it will temporarily assume the title of either Scoreless Draw Place or Participant Ribbon Place.

Coaching Moves
Barron Miles extends 2 years with Riders as DB Coach (meaning that we may get our entire coaching staff back in 2014 except Khari Jones)
Craig Dickenson is deciding between staying in Winnipeg and jumping to Edmonton
Stamps hire OL coach Pat DelMonaco
Winnipeg hires Queens DC Pat Tracey as STC

NFL Watch
Dontrell Inman – signs with San Diego
Cordarro Law - workout with Pittsburg Steelers
Chris Matthews - workout with Seattle Seahawks 
Nick Moore - workouts with Houston and San Diego

CFL Ins and Outs

In: QB Adrian McPherson, RB Martell Mallett (free agent signing)WR Yannick Morin-Plante, RB Charlie Power (2013 draft pick signing), OL Brad Erdos (2012 draft pick signing), WR Simon Charboneau-Campeau (trade w/ Ham)
Out: WR Spencer Armstrong (trade w/ Ham)
In a shocking turn of events McPherson will actually live to play in a CFL that does not include Anthony Calvillo. In a cruel twist of fate he will experience this Calvillo-less world as a back-up on a different team.

Actually have no clue why Calgary even wants McPherson. Mitchell is clearly the future and should be their starter next season in my opinion. Drew Tate is a capable back-up. Why not start developing a new 3rd stringer rather than bring in McPherson? Unless Tate is not in the future plans…

In: DB Ed Gainey  (contract extension), DB Trevard Lindly,  DB Mitchell White, DE Collins Ukwu, DL Ameet Paul (free agent signing), OL Ryan White (2012 draft pick signing), OL Jake Piotrowski (2013 draft pick signing)

In: K Justin Medlock (free agent signing), WR Spencer Armstrong (trade w/ Cal)
Out: WR Dave Stala (released), WR Simon Charboneau-Campeau (trade w/ Cal)

In: WR Andre Durie, RB Anthony Woodson (contract extension), RB Tristan Davis, RB Jeremiah Johnson (free agent signing)

Word is Durie is making $140K 

In: K Nick Setta, OL Brendan Dunn (free agent signing)


Anonymous said...

Spencer Armstrong (WR) not Spencer Wilson (OL)

Rider Prophet said...

Haha good catch. My bad... Yeah Armstrong and Spencer are slightly different people. I've fixed it now.