Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Riders vs. Stamps: Preseason Game 2

Oh baby, oh baby!!!! Its game day and we get to go to Mosaic for the first home game of the year! Preseason or not, I am jacked up! The sweet words of "Bring em out, bring em out" can't hit my ears soon enough.  It will be great to be back in our seats with the good people in our section who not only tolerate us throughout the season but also encourage us.

This will be our first look at our full starting O and D and even though both will be on a limited playbook, I'm interested to see how they perform.

Defensively it will be interesting to see if our D-line is as dominant against an O-line that is not utter garbage. Foley and Shologan will be in alongside Chick and George so this will be the first real test. Also interested to see how our LB/DB configuration looks. Still not sure I like the idea of both Butler and Brown playing LB but time will tell. I hope the aggressiveness of the secondary continues... I won't believe it until i see it for myself since Richie is as synonymous with aggressive DBs as Wilt Chamberlin was with monogamy.

Defensively I will specifically be watching Foley, Macho Harris and Brackenridge.

Offensively, we get to see Durant with his starting OL and WRs for the first time. Hopefully Durant can build on a decent game one. I'll be watching Geroy to see how his timing with Durant is coming as well as the Valdez/Heenan duel as tackle. Personally I think its ridiculous to call it a duel since Heenan is not starting material at tackle at this point and Valdez can hold his own but I guess the coaches want to give Heenan one more chance.

Some guys who are fighting to make the team I think are worth watching include Will Davis, Tristan Black (mainly because I don't know if he has a role on this team yet), Eddie Russ (because I still get the feeling he may be cut) and Ramzee Robinson.

On the Stamps side, I'll be curious to see Drew Tate play. I'm still not convinced he's near as good as his hype. Maybe he'll just fracture his arm and forget the first half... I mean joke about forgetting the first half... only jokes.

In order to maximize the entertainment value of a preseason game I will be bringing back the Official Rider Prophet Preseason Drinking Game. Full rules will be included in the next post.

See you in the stands

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