Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Season: Training Camp Opens

Unlike the players who probably loathe the opening of training camp, I am jacked up! Even though I've had to settle for simply reading about camp, it doesn't matter at this point... football is back!

Training camp is not just a chance for players to back in game shape, its also a chance for us fans to get back in game shape. For me that means gradually increasing my rye intake and practicing yelling DDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! at the top of my lungs ... needless to say Mrs. Prophet is not enjoying this as much as me.

The big news to open camp was of course John Chick. I have been telling you for weeks that he was coming here. All that talk about him talking to 3 other teams was just his agent doing his job to ensure we were paying fair market value for Chick. Publicly stating you will only sign with one team tends to negatively affect your value. Go figure. Anyway, the important think is that Chick is back. He was the centre of attention at camp today, even among the players. Word is that Chick's presence got Willy excited and made him stand at attention. Personally I'm not expecting him to dominate off the start, he'll need some time to adjust back to the CFL but give him a few games and watch out. Seriously even at half capacity, the combo of Chick and Foley would be an improvement over some of the crap we've tried to pass off as a pass rush over the years.

Graeme Bell has already been 9-gamed with some sort of hand injury. That may open an opportunity for rookie Spencer Moore but more likely it means Scott McHenry takes the spout due his versatility. Time will tell I guess. Also, it seems Limas Sweed's stay will be short-lived. He was added to the suspended list. From what I read he made to Saskatoon and decided he didn't want to do this. Kinda like Dwayne Jarrett last year except with half the hype and half the drama. Oh well, opens things up for the people who actually care.

One other interesting thing coming out of camp is word that Butler was playing LB and Brackenridge at safety. While personally I don't like this idea, I don't mind experimenting with it. Plus I'm still convinced this is just a way to build in versatility to our packages and allow us to throw some messed up coverages at the opposition. (i.e. Butler safety blitzes like normal and QB reads that the middle is open only to have Brackenridge drop back, or have them switch back and forth randomly to make it harder to read the defense). 

I'll have more as the first week of camp unfolds but here are a few guys I'm keeping my eye on as I like their potential: Kierre Johnson, Will Davis, Rashard Langford and the Rider Prophet endorsed Jose Valdez (wonder if he would be offended if I asked him to pose for a picture beside a donkey wearing a poncho and sombrero?). Quite frankly for me, the players added pale in comparison to the impact George Cortez will have on this team. So pumped to see what he can transform our offense into.

Here are a few guys I see having very short stays in Riderville: Milt Collins (good fill in last year but not good enough to be a permanent starter), Aaron Hargreaves (same as Collins) and Dede Dorsey (can scarcely fathom why we are wasting a spot on him).

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Tim Miller said...

My friend brought me back a custom made Roughrider poncho from his trip to Mexico. You can borrow it for your picture if you want.