Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

The only thing there is less of than CFL news is effort on my part so please enjoy random quasi-coherent thoughts… or don’t, it’s a free country (for now).

-          This ridiculously extended winter better part of a provincial plan to shift the seasons over 2 months to ensure a beautiful day for the Grey Cup. Because at this point that’s about the only explanation that won't anger the masses.

-          This may be the first time I can remember where the preseason will be uglier than the post season.

-          While I realize that odds of John Chick coming back to the Riders are slim, forgive us for getting excited even at the remote chance. Sure Chick hasn’t played a CFL snap since 2009 but coincidentally that was the last time we had a credible pass rush. Since he left we’ve had to endure the likes of Remond Willis, Montez Murphy, Luc Mullinder, RJ Roberts (though that may just be an unsubstantiated rumour), Shomari Williams, Chris Ellis and Kitwana Jones. Oh and don’t forget the safety hurling himself aimlessly into the pile. So again forgive us for getting excited about the prospect of Foley and Chick at D-end

-          However, much like the prospect of a sack has been since Chick left for the NFL, him coming back to the Riders is mostly a pipe dream.

-          Speaking of the NFL, over the past year they’ve managed to have a replacement ref controversy, a power outage in the biggest name of the year and now the Dummerville fiasco where he agreed to a paycut but ended up getting cut because the new deal didn’t get faxed into the league in time. Meanwhile the CFL has just sat back and looked progressively less bush-league by comparison with each passing month.

-          Mark Cohon is probably secretly crossing his fingers that some NFL team will slip up and draft a dead guy.  Early money is on the Bills.

-          Riders signed 3 defensive ends I have never heard of… Hilee Taylor, Will Davis and Julian Miller. I’d like to get excited about them but given our recent track record of DE recruiting (see shameful list above) I just can’t.

-          I’m running out of post ideas so if you have any feel free to pass them my way. I’ve already solved the schedule and sponsorship problems, are there any more that need my attention?


Anonymous said...

What about the concept of tailgating at Mosaic Stadium?

Rider Prophet said...

That's a tough one but since I really don't have any other ideas I'll try and give it a go.

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I think he will explain it in the later post. We just need to wait for a while.