Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: 2012 Additions to the CFL Dictionary

With the season now completely in the books, my offseason will be spent attempt to fill space on this blog in 2 ways: 1) stretching a 2 line irrelevant story into a full post and 2) making up filler posts based on nothing more than the random meanderings or my mind. Today is the later.

With all that went on this past season, there were many events that were so notable that they went on to inspire a new addition to our vocabulary. So without further adieu here are the 2012 additions to the CFL Dictionary.

The first comes to us from @BitterGainer (everyone’s favourite disgruntled mascot). Chamblining: To promise to fire a person if a stated goal is not met.
Ex:If the caterers get Coach's meal wrong at the staff christmas party there will be a chamblining

Our next term has multiple definitions…
Khalif Mitchelling 1- Applying an arm bar in a highly unacceptable situation
2 – Making the throat slash motion to an opponent and claiming you are making the sign of the cross
3 – Uttering racial slurs and attempting to justify it
Ex: Adriano Belli Khalif Mitchelled himself right out of the Grey Cup.

It also inspired an update to an existing term “A football move”. The term has now been expanded to include “applying an arm bar to an opponent” as an acceptable definition.  

Cornishing: A complete inability to keep ones pants or helmet on.
Ex: I’m no longer allowed at the public park because I kept cornishing.

Shea Emrying: Randomly punching an opponent in the crotch.
Ex: That game losing Romby Bryant TD was like a Shea Emry to Rider fans.

Pulling a Joe Mack: To blame current fairly on an unrelated and long past death.
Ex: Brendan could always pull a Joe Mack and blame the season’s failures on the death of Ron Lancaster.

Do you have any CFL Definitions to add?

CFL Ins and Outs

In: OL Ryan Bomber (contract extension), Noel Thorpe (hired as DC)
Out: OC Marcus Brady (accepted position with Toronto), DC Jeff Reinbold (fired)

In: DB Johnny Dixon, WR Julian Feoli-Gudino, WR Quincy Hurst (re-signed), Marcus Brady (hired as OC)

In: DL Steven Doege, WR Bobby Davis, K Steve Shott (invited to training camp)

Out: DC Casey Creehan (accepted position with Winnipeg)

In: Casey Creehan (hired as DC)


JJT said...

Getzlafing: in honor of Chris Getzlaf's untimely drops.
Ex: He goes up for the catch and Getzlaf's it! oooh he sound have had that one!

Fantuzed: a desire to break established chemistry just because you can.
Ex: Greg Marshall Fantuzed the 2012 Riders.
Ex: Andy's desire to afford extra Timmy's coffees Fantuzed Durrant.

Tillmaned: The trading of the starting QB.
Ex: KJ got Tillmaned to the Argos but that wasn't good enough so next was Ricky Ray's turn to get Tillmaned.
Ex: John Hufnagel Tillmaned Burris to the Ticats.

Rider Prophet said...

Tillmaned is another term will multiple definitions. In addition to the one you gave there is there also the unfortunate combination of painkillers, babysitters and active hips.

Love the other 2