Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

Those of you familiar with how things operate on this blog will recognize that this is the time of the year where my posts (which are only loosely cobbled together at the best of times) devolve into a collection of point form thoughts as random as the order they appear in my brain. I’d say you get what you pay for but if that were true I probably owe you guys some money. Anywho on with the quasi coherent thoughts:

-       The Riders have added Mike Sinclair as the new DL coach and Richard Kent as the new DB coach… you know in addition to the current DB coach we have, the Defensive coordinator who is a DB coach and the head coach who is also a DB coach. Seriously at that player/coach ratio we better have the best damn secondary in the league next year.

-       Sinclair is a great signing. I honestly feel that we have lacked a decent DL coach since Ron Estay left and I think Sinclair should help improve our play up front.

-       Only thing that concerns me about the defensive coaches is our decision to part ways with one of the best LB coaches we have ever seen and replace him with nobody. I think it’s a ballsy decision and I hope it doesn’t end up biting us in the ass.

-       Kent Austin will be introduced as the new GM/Head Coach of the Ticats this afternoon. About the same time I expect a lot of Rider fans to collectively lose their marbles. Adding yet another chapter to the already lengthy book on reasons to hate Kent Austin. I look at it this way, we offered him the job here last year and he declined. He also said no to Hamilton. This year Hamilton offered and we didn’t, and he said yes. It’s a matter of timing. Had we been willing to fire Taman and Chamblin and offer Austin $500,000 per season then he likely would have said yes to us.

-       On that note, Hamilton is on the hook for $500,000 per season for 4 years to Cortez and is now reportedly ready to pay Austin $500,000 per season for 4 years. That’s $4 million on head coaches for 5 seasons. Remember this is also the team that threw $500,000 at Casey Printers. Bob Young must just have stacks of $500K to burn. I need to get in on this racket

-       Anthony Calvillo has announced he will be back for another season with the Als. I’m sure we are all shocked. Personally I was hoping he would hint strongly at retirement, wait for McPherson to re-sign and then abruptly change his tune and return just to screw with McPherson.

-       By the way, I’m still convinced McPherson will retire from the CFL before Calvillo


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I know the CFL isn't a big league, but currently Anthony Calvillo (playing 1994-present) holds the record in pro football history with 77, 656 yards.Will an NFL quarterback ever hold that record? Like currently Peyton Manning has 56, 335. Drew Brees has 42, 462 Tom Brady has 41, 42
BQ: Could Anthony Calvillo (born in Los Angeles) be a successful NFL Quarterback? He's also 6'1" and 200lb.


Rider Prophet said...

A couple years ago I would have said no one in the NFL would even have a chance at the record but they are now shifting towards a passing based league same as the CFL has been for years. But with a shorter schedule I don't like anyone's odds.

As for Calvillo in the NFL. He's got the accuracy and quite frankly if the likes of Mark Sanchez, Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert are good enough to start the Calvillo could have too. I just don't think he would have been as successful as he was up here.