Thursday, December 6, 2012

Official 2012 Prophecies Revisited

It’s that time again. The time where I look back at the official prophecies I made back in June to see if I was accurate or so far off base that if there was an accrediting body they would revoke my prophet status.

As you know I award points based on the accuracy of each prediction… as you also know the scoring system is completely made up and I tend to be quite generous with half points.My blog, my rules.

Here we go:

On O it will be up to Durant to bounce back
Unlike last year, offensive weapons we don’t lack
Durant had a better year but outside of Sheets and Dressler we certainly were lacking weapons… 0.5 points

We get Getz and Dress who are dangerous indeed
We’ve got Harper to add size and Moss to add speed
Dressler being dangerous was about the only remotely accurate part of that statement … 0 points

Rob Bagg is back and that’s the biggest news of all
He’ll be in contention for top Canuck if we just get him the ball
Well he was back… but that sure didn’t last… 0 points

1000 yds for Dressler, 1000 more for Bagg
Less yards for Getzlaf but the most TDs will he snag.
This one continues the “Dressler being the only accurate part of that statement” trend… 0.5 points

The new fangled offense has stuff we’ve forgotten about my friends
What’s this? An O-line that doesn’t need Depends?
An RB running off tackle? A centre who can snap?!?
Did I doze off in a dream?!? Am I having a nap?!?
I’d say that’s good enough for 1 point

This is all real you haven’t been dozing
With Coach Sweet in the mix out run game will be imposing
Nailed it! … 1 point

Unfortunately the D has me a lot more concerned
For some reason I see us getting repeatedly burned.
2nd least points allowed, turns out I was wrong… 0 points

Odell should help provide us something we lack
A tangible hope of getting a sack
Glad I didn’t use a term that was stronger than “tangible hope” … 1 point

That’s assuming he stays healthy and decides to stay sober
And assuming he doesn’t get homesick come October
He seemed to avoid those this year… 1 point

A front four will be better, they won’t make me curse
We tried Mullinder and Murphy last year, not like we can get worse
We were slightly better, which for me is good enough to award myself 1 point

At LB on the edges, Kromah and Brackenridge we will be fine with
They will continue the proud tradition of great LBs by Coach Smith
Check and check… 1 point

In the middle, however is where things start to get scary
Shomari in that spot makes me very wary
I was right to be worried… 1 point

He’s lacking the experience though he’s got the physique
For the first little while the middle will be weak
But he will get better and be steadily improved
Though fans will be calling for him to be removed
We were weak for the first little while, fans did call for him to be removed, only part I was off on was the “steadily improve” part… 0.5 points

The secondary is the weakest link of them all
A tough road lies ahead for Coach Richie Hall
We were #2 against the past and Hall seems to have done enough to remain employed but we were awful when it came to INTs and ultimately a breakdown in the secondary ended our season… 0.5 points

Chamblin will want aggression, he will want mean
But it will take the DBs a while to adjust to the new schemes.
Not as aggressive as I expected but it did take a while for them to get things figured out … 0.5 points

Patrick will surely return to all-star form
Not sure anything Patrick showed this year can be defined as “all-star” (unless we are using the Getzlaf all-star bar)… 0 points

Eddie Russ getting burned may become the norm
He wasn’t as bad as I expected… 0 points

Some DBs will be benched and new guys get a shot
And that is when things will improve a lot
We cycle through a whole pile of cornerbacks before things finally settled… 1 point

We will struggle out of the gates and end up 2 and 4
Please don’t suck again! the fans will implore
We started 3 and 4 so I was close… 0.5 points

It won’t always be pretty but the team will keep fighting
Chamblin will be making adjustments and ship will be righting
It was ugly as hell at times and Chamblin made a ton of adjustments… 1 point

Come the highly anticipated Labour Day clash,
We will have an even record and no longer be trash
We’ll knock out Buck Pierce and win the big game
Next week at Banjo Bowl we come up lame
We were 3-5 heading into LDC and 5-5 coming out of the banjo bowl, Buck Pierce didn’t even make an appearance… 0.5 points

An up and down season, win one then lose
Our biggest winning streaks will come in no more than twos
Unless twos was recently defined to include 3s the best I can do is partial credit for the up and down season… 0.5 points

A 9-9 season is what I see in store
Which will be just good enough to sneak in the playoff door
We were 8-10 and just snuck in the playoff door… 0.5 points

A third place finish so it’s off to face the Stamps
Donning our white jerseys with logos fit for tramps.
Bang on… 1 point

Tate may not be Burris but he’ll choke like he was
A big day for the defense will seal the win and create a buzz
Well the defense did seal the win… unfortunately it was for the other team… 0 points

Then the bandwagon will keep heading west
For a date with BC, the CFL’s best
The game will be closer than most expect 
We’ll go up early but the lead won’t protect
The Lions will move on but will not repeat
We will hold our heads high but suffer defeat
There was a lot wrong about this set of predictions but at least I was right about the Lions not repeating… 0 points

After a disastrous 2011, we will come a long way
But it will take this team time to go all the way
Though a 9-9 finish may be disappointing to some
The foundation will be laid but the best is yet to come
I stand by this final prediction… 1 point

So there you have it out of 25 possible points I got 14.5 or 58%. My career average is right around the 67% mark so I was only a bit off. At least I will take solace in the fact that I wasn’t one of those people that predicted the Ti-cats would win it all.

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