Friday, June 22, 2012

Riders vs. Stamps: Preseason Game 2

The wait is finally over! It’s time to head back to the stands… Its game day!!!!

I don’t care if it’s only preseason and if the results are about as useful as a Columbus Blue Jackets playoff ticket. I’m pumped!! Not only is this our first chance to see the team and renovated stadium in person, thanks to infinite genius of the schedule makers its our only Friday night home game of the year (and one of only 2 evening home games all freakin’ season).

I won’t bother with my usual full analysis since this is only a preseason game. Instead here are some things I will be watching for tonight.

- Like everyone I will be watching Durant to see if he can get in a rhythm with the starting offense. I don’t need to see a full out offensive onslaught but I do need to see some sustained drives and some TDs so I can start feeling better about our O.

- I’ll be keeping a keen eye on how our offensive tackles perform. They still scare me so hopefully Badslow and Fulton can do something to allay my fears… even better would be if Chris Patrick plays lights out and supplants Badslow as a starter but that’s probably asking too much.

- RBs will be interesting to watch. West still appears to be the projected starter but I really think Sheets will bump him to #2 come the season opener.

- On defense I will be watching out front 4 to see if we have finally uncovered the elusive pass rush after 2 years of going without. I’ll also be watching the play of Shomari in the middle. I think he has all of the physical tools to excel there but want to see if he’s stepped up the mental side.

- I will be watching our secondary as a whole. I know last preseason game means nothing but they looked worse than … last game.  Hope they look better. In particular I will be watching Lance Frazier (who will be starting at CB) and Eddie Russ (who will take Frazier’s spot at HB). I certainly don’t think Frazier is untouchable but I have next to no faith is Russ being a capable replacement. Maybe Chamblain sees something I don’t or maybe this will just be a short lived experiment. We shall see.

­ - The new guys I’m excited to watch because I think they will play themselves onto the team include Abraham Kromah, Terrell Maze, Kory Sheets, and Sinorice Moss

- Guys who I will be watching closely because I think they should be destined for the cut list include DeShawn Wynn, Eddie Russ, JT O’Sullivan, Daniel Sheffield, Taj Smith (I know he is pretty much enshrined as a starting wideout but I am far from convinced he is deserving of the spot) and Tristan Jackson (I have nothing against Tristan I just don’t think he’ll find a spot on this team. Square peg, round hole)

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