Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Yay For Camp!

So I finally, finally made it to training camp last night. Man did it make me happy to be back in the stands! In what is likely a good sign, no one jumped off the page a mandatory add to my cut list. Though that just meant I had to get creative with reasons while I feel people should be cut :)

I was so excited to actually see football that I will reserve my anger fueled rant on the Taman contract extension until tomorrow and focus on things that make me happy. Here are my random observations

- No Chris Best so Neufeld was taking his reps. Word is Best is out 2 weeks.

- Also didn't see Brackenridge at all so he must have been nursing something.

- When they were practicing punt returns the guys getting reps at returner were West, Cherry, Sanders, Tristan Jackson and Moss. Moss has insanely muscular legs (i mean that in the straightest way possible)

- Starting receivers were Dressler, Getzalf and Hill inside with Bagg and Taj Smith at wideout

- West was the starting RB, Rankin #2. I really like the look of Rankin. Big guy, moves well. Can't wait to see him in a game.

- Getzlaf was trying pretty hard out there... doesn't he know he already got his big money deal? :)

- Wes Cates was in the stands watching along with the rest of us. I assume he was secretly hoping for an RB or 2 to blow a knee out. No such luck Wes.

- Odell Willis never stops yelling, seriously... never. Maybe the whole DUI thing was just a misunderstanding. Maybe he was yelling like that when they pulled him over and they just assumed he was drunk.

- Can't remember the last time we had 4 white LBs (Hurl, Regimbald, McCullough, Huclack). That's gotta be some kind of record... not a good one but hey a record is a record.

- Jason Cherry had a couple nice catches can't see him cracking the starting line-up but he may stick on as a back-up.

- Mick Williams had a nice knockdown at the line of scrimmage. For now he is backing up Curious George.

- Terrell Maze saw a lot of reps at practice and didn't look that bad.

- We are seeing a lot of different coverages in the secondary than we are used to. Saw Frazier lined up at CB more than a few time. I expect we will see a lot more man coverage under Chamblain and play match-ups.

All in all is was a high tempo, well organized camp that got be super pumped for the upcoming season. 


uncle_jim said...

Yo! Quarterbacks??

Rider Prophet said...

Hahaha my apologies. How could I forget.

Durant looks sharp and is putting nice zip on the ball.

As his recent cuting suggests, Brennan was not very good.

O'Sullivan's experience shows through but for me he holds on way too long sometime as the pocket collapses. The one nice thing is that even when the pocket is almost completely collapsed he looks calm and is till making his reads/throws. Think we can do better than him but he is a safe option in an emergency,

I really liked the look of Levi Brown hopefully he can out duel O'Sullivan for #2. He has all the tools and looked good from what I saw.

Willy actually had an ok night when we where there but overall I think he is behind the remaining 2 by a wide margin.

Guess we shall see come Wednesday

uncle_jim said...

Thanks for the QB comments. I am so anxious for football and SO TIRED of hockey ... hey it's the middle of June!

Anonymous said...

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