Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Round-Up: Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

-       Jason Clermont created a furor the other day when he tweeted that he talked to one manager who wanted to lock him in for 3 years. Now had you read the #mobile and #data hashtags you would have known right away that he was talking about his cell phone contract but many didn’t and a mild freak out ensued. It’s a shame that Clermont’s outstanding sense of humour is lost on so many.

-       Jermaine Copeland retired this week and accepted a job as Hamilton’s receivers coach. Love him or hate him… and most hated him, his resume speaks for itself. 15th leading receiver in league history.

-       It’s a sad day for the Argonauts… for one its sad because they lose their best receiver in Copeland. But the fact that Copeland was their best receiver is also very sad. Still not sure why they bothered getting Ricky Ray when they have no one for him to pass to.

-       The Argos also cut Lin-J Shell… for reasons I still don’t really get. I mean yes he was probably making big money, and yes he is 30 but he was one of their best defenders. Not just pretty good. I mean sure he does occasionally take a penalty here and there and spit on people but I’d still take him. Though if he was a Rider, I would insist on calling him by his real name: Wagner Lindsell Shell Jr.

-       Solomon Elimimian has signed a 2 year deal with my Minnesota Vikings reportedly with a $35,000 signing bonus. I figured he would catch on down south. I’d say he has decent chance of sticking. Much like Jerrell Freeman, Elimimian wisely chose a bottom dwelling team to try his luck.

-       The Stamps cut franchise RB Joffrey Reynolds. For the better part of the last five years, Reynolds was the standard for RBs: productive, durable. He was the best. But his best before date came and went at some point in 2010.

-       Lastly there is word that Martell Mallett may be looking to get back into the CFL. His lone season in the CFL he rushed for 1200 yards and was named rookie of the year. Then Wally Buono agreed to release him so he could pursue NFL opportunities with the Eagles, Browns and Giants. Until a knee injury pretty much ended that dream. Obviously Mallett would prefer to return to BC who were gracious enough to let him leave a year early but they seem committed to Harris. If there was a chance I would love to see Mallett in Green and White.

-       I should probably clarify that previous statement. I would love to see the Riders sign Mallett but given his serious knee injury and 3 year absence from the CFL I wouldn’t be willing to pay to high heaven to get him. That said, watch Taman sign him to a 6 figure deal with a ridiculous signing bonus (aka the wrong way to do it)

CFL Ins And Outs

In: WR Eric Deslauriers, DB Etienne Boulay (contract extension) WR Travon Patterson, WR Guy Trent, WR Sidney Stewart, DB Vince Anderson, DB Michael Carter, DB Daryl Townsend, DL Tremaine Johnson, DL Daunte Akra, DL Chris Hodgson, DL Ventrell Jenkins (Free Agent Signing), OL Anthony Barrette, DB Blaine Ruttan, OL Reed Alexander (2011 Draft Pick Signing)
Out: DB Tad Crawford (retired)

In: WR Arland Bruce (contract extension)
Out: LB Solomon Elimimian (signed with Minnesota), WR Paris Jackson, QB Jarious Jackson (released)

Out: Lin-J Shell (released), Jermaine Copeland (retired)

In: WR Fred Stamps (contract extension)

Out: RB Joffrey Reynolds (released)


Tim Miller said...

Wow, a bad day to be named Jackson in BC.

Rider Prophet said...

Not sure its a good time be a Jackson anywhere. Struggling to think of one that is doing well.

Anonymous said...

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