Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ryan Dinwiddie Released

On the heels of Sean Lucas retiring, the good news kept flowing from Riderville this week. The Riders announced today that they have released 2011's Most Insulted Sports Figure, Ryan Dinwiddie.

Many have been asking me if this news makes it the best offseason ever. The answer is no... following 2008 when we released Henri Childs and Michael Bishop and traded James Johnson was technically the best ever... but this is a close runner up.

My hatred of Dinwiddie was well documented from the day we stupidly decided to waste a roster spot on him. Rather than rehash the insults and jokes I made at his expense I will instead send off the longtime member of my hatred list with a pictorial tribute. Just because I'm such a nice guy.

So Dinwiddie and we will always have the memories.

The Soul Sucking Dinwiddie

The "I Really Let Myself Go" Dinwiddie

The "Oddly Prancing" Dinwiddie

The "At Least It Wasn't A Pick" Dinwiddie

The "Big Girls Don't Cry" Dinwiddie

And my last 2 personal favourites...

The "Patented Dinwiddie Pick Time" Dinwiddie

And The "I Single Handedly Made James Johnson A Star" Dinwiddie

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Anonymous said...

The day we released Charles Thomas remains my favorite day off season action. This might be a close second !

Jay P