Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: We’re Number 4!

Well the results for the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards are in and unfortunately my reign as Canada’s Best Sports Blog has come to an end. I’ve slipped to number 4 overall this year. Though it would be easy to dwell in the disappointment (and blame you the readers for not commandeering more computing devices to vote for me), I will instead choose to focus on the positives. When you consider my sporadic frequency of posting, low quality of grammar and sentence structure, overtly biased methods of reporting and blatant stereotyping it’s a miracle that this blog managed to be named Canada`s Top Sports Blog to begin with. Hell number 4 in Canada is damn impressive given that kind of resume. It`s actually probably a sad reflection on society.

Anywho, I`d like to say that I will try harder in the coming year to improve things and work my way back to Number 1 but you and me both know that`s not really my style (hell Anywho isn`t even a real word). I`ll just keep doing my thing and assume that the awards and accolades will keep coming. Though this year and may start turning this blog into a French/Religious blog as those seem to categories with relatively little competition.


CK said...

Perhaps a few more posts about Tebow, and this will qualify as a religious blog?

Tim Miller said...

Thank goodness Boo Robinson joins the league as Patrick Kabongo leaves. The awesome name quotient will remain static.

Rider Prophet said...

CK - Well I tried arguing that since I am a prophet I should automatically qualify in the religious category... unfortunately they didn't share my point of view.

Tim - We will need at least one more good name if Elimimian jumps to the NFL

Anonymous said...

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