Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

You know the drill, quiet on the CFL news front so you’ll have to endure whatever random thoughts have popped into my head.

**Edit: Apparently Jerrell Freeman has signed with the Colts but I will save that for a later post**
- The only notable news on the Rider front is that Coach Chamblin will be meeting soon with Gene Makowsky to discuss whether Geno has one more season left in the tank. While I think Geno can still get it done, how sad of a statement would it be on the job of MLA if a guy who gets one day off a week between June and November is allowed to be one? Picture his answering machine:

“You have reached the office of Gene Makowsky I will be out of the office for the next 6 months. If your call is of an urgent nature please forward it to Murray McCormick and he will be sure to ask me about it during the next media scrum.”

- It’s likely we will have a brand new starting LB group next season. You’d have to think at this point Kye Stewart, Chris Graham and James Patrick are penciled in as the guys to beat, with Mo Lloyd being a wildcard.

- Word is the Blue Bombers are trying to low ball Buck Pierce with an offer of $150,000 base that could reach $300,000 with incentives. Pierce obvious wants more base salary after leading the Bombers to the Grey Cup (his words not mine, as I think the Bombers made the Cup in spite of Pierce not because of him). Problem is, he is in an extremely bad bargaining position in that no other team is looking for a starter. Montreal, Hamilton and Toronto are set with their vets. Riders, Stamps and Lions are committed to their current guys. That leaves only Edmonton and Tillman wouldn’t pay big money for any import, let alone one with a track record of fragility that would put the average retirement home occupant to shame. 

- Thank god the 49ers/Saints game this weekend was so good because the rest of the games weren’t that exciting.

- The Broncos showed up to a gun fight with Tom Brady armed only with a Nerf gun that was missing all but 2 darts.

- How much of a dick move was Brady punting on 3rd down? That said I love their "If you don't like it, stop us" attitude

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