Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Made My Day!!!!

I was possibly one of the happiest people in the country yesterday when I found out that Michael Bishop would be returning to the CFL. The news gets even better as it is a division rival he will be suiting up for. It’s like Christmas in June!!!!!

A shoulder injury to Drew Tate left the Stampeders scrambling to find a back-up QB before their season starts on Friday. For reasons that I will never understand (though I assume hallucinogenic drugs played a role) John Hufnagel determined that Bishop was the best option available to them. So now the Stamps go from great depth a QB to being one injury away from being forced into starting a partially retarded signal caller backed up by a CIS QB.

I honestly can’t believe that Bishop keeps finding employment. The Argos gave him a shot and it ended badly for them. The Riders gave him a shot and he single-handedly ruined a team that could have contended for a cup. The Corpus Christie Hammerheads gave him a shot and cut him after 3 games. Winnipeg tired him in 2009 and low and behold it led to disastrous results. Hell even the Texas Hurricanes of the Southern Indoor Football League gave him a shot and went 0-3 with him as QB and 0-4 with him on the roster. Doesn't anyone see the pattern?!?!?

I’m not sure who runs the Stamps’ HR Department but that is not a resume that should generate further interest. He must have one hell of an agent. Oh well the Stamps’ loss in my gain and comedy will no doubt ensue.

With that in mind I present…

Top 5 Things Likely to Happen Once Bishop Arrives in Calgary

5. Stamps will be forced to purchase whiteboards to have on the sidelines.
4. Increased profanity in the stands at McMahon
3. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers...they always come in 3
2. Bishop will knock himself out on his own blocker
1. Dave Dickenson’s problems with concussion resurface has he will suffer a severe one after banging his head against the wall in frustration at having to try and coach Bishop.


Logan said...

So if the Riders trade for DeAngelis as rumour has it, is that the karmic price we have to pay so that Bishop has to start some games? I for one am willing to make that deal with the Devil.

Rider Prophet said...

I hate Sandro but that's a very small price to pay to see how bad the Stamps and their fans will freak out when Bishop is throwing their season away.

Wilma said...

This deal makes me soooo happy for the following reasons:
1. Calgary will have to deal with him now HAHAHA!
2. Your entertaining rants about Bishop will continue for another season.