Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Game Day

Man that feels good to say! Today is the day we get to return to our seats at Mosaic and kick another great season of Rider football.

Its kinda sad that I'm looking forward to a game that will likely be played in the rain by a bunch of people who will probably never be heard from again. But I'm pumped, I can't help it.

I enjoy preseason games, not just because we get to see the new recruits see their first live action (and we begin to separate the over-hyped Joe Sykes' of the world from the legitimate Jerrell Freeman's of the world.). I also like because its preseason for the fans too. I don't have to get all stressed about the game. I can relax, take in some mediocre at best football action and begin charting my list of future cuts.

There will be 4 things I will be focusing on during the game. 1) The play of our centres 2) Our performance on special teams (given that we seem to have devoted half of training camp to it) 3) whether some rookie returner has a brain fart and calls for a fair catch (fingers crossed) and 4) I will be scouting for new people to add to my hatred list. While Dinwiddie still dominates that list, the departures of Omarr Morgan and Jim Daley have created a couple openings. (The good news is that there aren't any logical successors, which is a good sign)

- Look for Marc Mueller to get the token 4th quarter apearance purely for good PR... or as it is more commonly known "the Teale Orban Special". Honestly I don't think ET would have signed Mueller if the Esks didn't play us in the preseason.

- Also look for Mueller to be cut prior to the plane ride home so they don't have to pay for a ticket back to Edmonton for him.

For god's sake bring a roster to the game or even the most devout fans will get confused over who the hell is out there. If you happen to forget one, you are probably best to just drink until you think our starters are still out there. These will be the people cursing Durant's name in the 4th quarter when a white QB wearing #8 throws a pick.

See you in the stands


Ronbo the Riderfan said...

I've got a problem that one or two of your readers can probably help out.
I have season tickets but live out of town and work evenings and weekends. I am willing to sell individual games tickets at face value; no scalpers please.
Shady side
halfway up
30 Y/L

If you know someone send me an email(

Prophet, I hope you don't mind but if you do I won't get upset if you delete the post.

Rider Prophet said...

I don't mind at all.