Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011

If you are like most people you are beginning the new year nursing a hangover... though if you are like Man in the Bush you are beginning the new year having a tea party with a set of dolls and My Little Ponies you stole from the Santa’s Anonymous bin at work (what? it’s anonymous so it’s a victimless crime)... if you are like PR guy you are beginning the new year by making your annual resolution to limit yourself to reading one Harlequin romance novel per month (a resolution that traditionally only lasts a week tops)... if you are like Media Consultant you are starting the new year by pondering some sort of scheme that will allow you to quit your job and live out the rest of your life as a professional bingo player (this time without having to resort to performing sexual favours for food) And if you are like me you are beginning the new year by getting overly excited at the physical abilities of a bunch of teenage boys... aka the World Junior (seriously its sounds kinda messed up when you think about how excited the whole country gets over a bunch of boys).

For me this song sums up nicely how most people feel this time of year...

I’ll be back Monday with my sentimonies on the new head coach of the Riders (who will be Greg Marshall in case you hadn’t heard) but for now, as you nurse your hangover allow me to get you caught back up to speed on CFLers who are working out for NFL teams.

NFL Watch
Andy Fantuz – New England, Minnesota, Pittsburgh
Jerrell Freeman – Houston
Brent Hawkins – Philadelphia, Miami
Josh Bourke – Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Detroit
SJ Green – Philadelphia, Minnesota
Tom Johnson – Green Bay, Minnesota
Chad Owens – NY Jets
Mark Restilli – NY Jets
Emmanuel Arceneaux - Washington, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Seattle, Miami, NY Jets
Garrett McIntyre – NY Jets
Phillip Hunt –Houston, Cleveland, New England, Minnesota

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