Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

After the weekend failed to produce a CFL story that I could do a whole post on… or half a post on… or even a paltry attempt at a post, I was left with no choice but to break out Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts for the first time in 2011. This may actually mark a new record on the blog on the longest I’ve gone into a new year before having to break them out.

- It’s been quieter than debate contest for the deaf across Riderville of late. Hopefully we will start hearing something in the near future about our coaching staff or free agents.

- Ricky Ray has finally agreed on a new contract with Eric Tillman and the Eskimos. Put differently, they finally agreed on how much of a pay cut Ray would take to remain with the Esks.

- Emanuel Arceneaux turned down a $120,000 per season offer from BC to sign with my Vikings for three years and a reported $1.8 million including a $75K signing bonus. I’ve always thought of Arceneaux as a talented receiver but I didn’t think he was worth the kind of money being offered to him on both sides of the border.

- Now if only the Vikes had someone talented to throw him the ball. The names Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb don’t really instil fear in opposing teams. Then again neither does Jay Cutler but they somehow ended up in the conference championships.

- I’m finding the CFL offseason going extremely slow already. I am definitely not looking forward to a couple weeks from now when the NFL warps up its season and there is no football whatsoever.

- Maybe if he gets a 3rd Super Bowl rings Ben Rothlisberger will be able to pick up chicks without having to resort to sexually assaulting them.

- Then again if flashing one Super Bowl ring isn’t enough pick up a throng of beautiful women there has got to be something very wrong with you.

CFL Ins and Outs

In: DL Anwar Stewart, DB Jerald Brown (contract extension)
I always thought there would be a mass exodus of old guys from Montreal at some point but the Als have miraculously managed to space things out. Bryan Chui went last year, Cahoon is apparently going this year, Calvillo and Stewart are still hanging on, even though they are all old enough to transition seamlessly from the Als payroll to the Canadian Pension Plan.

In: RB Jamal Robertson (contract extension)
Out: WR Emanuel Arceneaux (signed with Minnesota)
It seems the well may have finally run dry for Wally Buono’s string of amazing RBs. After bringing in Joe Smith, Stephan Logan and Martell Malllett, Buono is stuck with old man Robertson for 2 years in a row. Not that Robertson is bad or anything he’s decent… its just stark contrast to the usual BC parade of young hot shots.

In: LB Greg Blue (re-signed), WR Eric McCain (free agent signing)
I tried coming up with something to say here other than “You’re my boy Blue” but came up with nothing.

In: QB Ricky Ray (contract extension)


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