Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Update

Other than the hiring of Greg Marshall... and the return of the moustache to prominence at the top of our team (prominence not seen since the days of Barrett and Shiv)... and the passing of CFL legend Tony Proudfoot there was relatively little CFL news this week. So I'll leave you this week with a quick update on the NFL watch and some CFL Ins and Outs and try to toss some coherent thoughts/filler together for Monday.

NFL Watch
Andy Fantuz – Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago
Brendan Labatte – Kansas City, Pittsburg, Indy, Carolina, Jacksonville
Phillip Hunt – Philadelphia, Browns, Vikings, Patriots, Eagles & Texans
Emmanuel Arceneaux – Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Minnesota, Washington, Cincinnati
Garrett McIntyre – Jacksonville, Miami, NY Jets

CFL Ins and Outs

In: LB Mike McCullough (contract extension), OL Dan Clark (practice roster player picked up for 2011), OL Patrick Neufield (2010 Draft Pick signing), OL Justin Glover, OL, Michel Bouldreaux, KR Ronnie Drummer (free agent signing)
If you look at McCullough's stats from last year where he was a rotational player it's pretty darn good. McCullough is an asset to this team both as a performer and a leader in the locker room. As for the influx of young Canadian OL I assume that we are preparing for the eventuality of O'Day and/or Geno retiring... or just succumbing to fossilization whichever comes first.


In: Ronald Flemons, Bryan Crawford (contract extension), DL Mathis Askew, LB Anthony Cannon (practice roster player picked up for 2011)
All people will likely remember about Flemons’ season is his infamous fumble of a sure TD but he actually had a great year. I still can’t believe that we couldn’t find a use for him here in ’08 and ended up trading him back to Toronto for TJ Acree. Sadly, despite doing absolutely nothing as a Rider, Flemons will go down as having a far more productive stint as a Rider than Acree who actually ended up being counter productive.

In: LB Chip Cox, DL JP Bekasiak (contract extension)
I'm sure the french will be happy that they will continue to see Cox on a regular basis.

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