Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time To Vote

The annual Rider Prophet Awards are just around the corner. That means its time to cast your vote for the Fans' Choice Douche Bag of the Year.

Here are this year's nominees:

Ricky Foley - Nominated for publicly announcing he was going to re-sign with BC only to change his mind at the last minute and sign with Toronto. As a bonus act of douche baggery he later publicly stated his displeasure with how Toronto was using him, adding that he preferred how the Lions used him.

Avon Cobourne - Nominated for questioning the fact that Andy Fantuz was named Most Outstanding Canadian, saying that unlike Fantuz, Stala had a catch in every game... conveniently ignoring the fact that unlike Stala, Fantuz led the league in receiving.

Jason Jimenez (two-time nominee) - Nominated for the same thing he was when he won this award in 2007... attempting to seriously injure an opponent with an unnecessary and dangerous cut block behind the play and showing zero remorse for it.

** The only fun thing about this one was watching the same BC players and media who defended him in 2007, vilify him this time around.

Dwight Anderson - Nominated for... well just for being himself.


Ronbo the Riderfan said...

It appears you are recovering nicely from last weekend's pain.
Did you see the post about Riderfans on Rider Rumblings? Seems some Als fan is a sore winner.

Rider Prophet said...

Yeah I'm making due. The one positive side effect of being a Rider fan is that you get pretty accustomed to pain.

I saw that post and I just laugh. Everyone seems to absolutely hate Rider fans and the attention (and awards... thanks Cohon!) we get.

Really they are just jealous. If you are really that sick of Rider fans then go out and do better than us. Buy up your team's merchandise in record numbers. Go to road games. Tune in to games on TSN. Because until someone can step up and beat us in those areas, Canada will be stuck hearing about how awesome Rider fans are.

Tim Miller said...

Wow, where's the hate for Rickey Foley? Guy's hit on Glenn in the East semi-final was pretty dirty too.

Tim Miller said...

Where did you find that Cobourne quote? What do you make of Dan Goodspeed being voted a CFLPA All-Star? Is that the defensive linemen throwing him a bone so he won't retire so they can beat him like a rented mule for another season?

Rider Prophet said...

It was something he posted on Twitter.

As for Goodspeed maybe you are right because it certainly wasn't based on his stellar onfield play. OL awards and honours are pretty much based exclusively on reputation vs. actual performance since there are no stats for people to compare.

Goodspeed was an adequate OT but certainly not all-star calibre anymore.

Ronbo the Riderfan said...

As for douche bag of the year, perhaps you could go to a drugstore, purchase a real douche bag and mail it to the 'winner'. I volunteer to pay for postage.

Rider Prophet said...

Haha, that's a hilarious idea Ronbo.