Saturday, December 11, 2010

CFL Free Agents and Option Year Players

The League won’t be releasing the official list of players eligible for free agency in February until sometime in the new year. For some reason there are a few teams that are trying to keep their lists confidential for now.

But since you are likely like me and going through CFL withdrawal, I have done some digging around and come up with a list (that is by no means complete or official) of players who are eligible to become free agents or are entering their options year. That should appease your football appetite for the time being.

Note: The “option year” will soon be a term of the past. Only contracts inked before the new agreement with the Player’s Association was signed will be eligible for the option year as we know it.


Free Agents: DB Lance Frazier, DL Kitwana Jones, DB Chris McKenzie, LB Sean Lucas, OL Wayne Smith, OL Gene Makowsky, FB Neal Hughes, OL Jeremy O’Day, LB Mike McCullough, OL Joel Bell, DB Daniel Francis, LB Kye Stewart

Option year: LB Jerrell Freeman, DB Omarr Morgan, RB Wes Cates, RB Hugh Charles, LB Tad Kornegay, SB Jason Clermont, SB Weston Dressler, SB Andy Fantuz, DT Keith Shologan, DT Marcus Adams


Free Agents: WR Kelly Campbell, DL Walter Curry, WR Skyler Green, DB Jason Nugent, LB Tim St. Pierre, DB Chris Thompson, K Justin Medlock

Option Year: Ricky Ray


Free Agents: QB Jarious Jackson, DB Tad Crawford

Option Year: DB David Hyland, Emmanuel Acreneaux


Free Agents: OL Ben Archibald, DB Brandon Browner, DB Dwight Anderson, WR Romby Bryant, FB Rob Cote, S Wes Lysack, LB Keon Raymond, DL Tom Johnson, DL Tearrius George, DL DeVone Claybrooks, LS Randy Chevrier, WR Ryan Thelwell, DB Milton Collins


Free Agents: QB Anthony Calvillo, RB Avon Cobournem WR SJ Green, WR Andrew Hawkins, WR Danny Desriveaux, LB Chip Cox, DL Anwar Stewart, DB Jerald Brown, DL JP Bekasiak, K Damon Duval, QB Chris Leak, LS Martin Bedard, DL Shawn Mayne, KR Larry Taylor, WR Ben Cahoon

Option Year: DL Jermaine McElveen, QB Adrian McPherson


Free Agents: DB Geoff Tisdale, WR Chris Bauman, OL Alexander Gauthier, OL George Hudson, OL Brian Ramsay, DL Matt Kirk, DL Jermaine Reid, WR Steve Schmidt, WR Adam Nicholson


Free Agents: DB Jonathan Hefney, RB Yvenson Bernard, LB Joe Lobendahn, OL Obby Khan, FB Jon Oosterhuis, DL Dorian Smith, RB Daryl Stephenson, DB Shawn Gallant, DB Keyou Craver

Option Year: Phillip Hunt


Free Agents: WR Bryan Crawford, DL Ronald Flemons, DL Kevin Huntley, DL Eric Taylor, WR Jermaine Copeland, DL Adriano Belli, OL Shannon Boatmen, WR Chad Rempel, OL Jeff Keeping, DB Lin-J Shell

Option Year: Chad Owens

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