Monday, February 8, 2010

Rider Prophet Roughrider Trivia Challenge – Round 2

It’s a pretty slow news day so I decided that in place of my regularly scheduled Sentimonies I would change things up a bit today by testing your football knowledge.

Below are 10 trivia questions that will test you knowledge of the Riders and of the CFL. If you think you have what it takes, email your answer to by this Friday. Whoever gets the most correct answers will be the winner (though I suppose that goes without saying).

Unlike my first Trivia Challenge, there will actually be a prize awarded to the winner. The winner will be awarded a shirt of their choice from the Rider Prophet Store. The winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck.

Trivia Challenge Round 2

1. Name the only 2 Canadians to ever be named the League’s Most Outstanding Player.

2. How many undrafted Canadians dressed for the Riders this season? Name them.

3. Of the Roughriders’ Canadians that were drafted, who was the lowest drafted player to score a TD in 2009?

4. Who was the Riders’ lowest drafted Canadian defender to record a tackle in 2009?

5. Weston Dressler was only the 2nd Rider to ever be named Rookie of the Year. Name the other.

6. How many times was Ray Elgaard named Most Outstanding Canadian?

7. Other than John Chick, who is the only Rider to be name Most Outstanding Defensive Player?

8. The Riders have retired 8 numbers. Whose numbers are they?

9. Who was the last Rider to be drafted in the NFL?

10. In the 2000 NFL Draft, which of these 3 were drafted first, Anthony Malbrough, Tom Brady or Spergeon Wynn?

Bonus Question: Do you win friends with salad?

**One last not on contest eligibility you should be aware of**

The following people/groups are not eligible to participate in this contest… employees of Rider Prophet Media (because that just wouldn’t be fair), residents of Quebec (as per standard Canadian contest rules) and Latvians (just because I can).


Archie said...

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Rider Prophet said...

This Kim Clement fellow seem to be really well known. Though opinions on him (or her) seem to be fairly divided.

At this point I'm going to have to side with anonymous. Given that Archie seem to think this blog has a lot of "useful" information he obviously isn't a good judge of character.