Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Roundup

Here are some random news and thoughts to close off the week….

- So we go from Tillman, LaPolice, Chick and Baggs in 2009 and replace them with the likes of Taman, Crandell, Kitwana and Stadnyk for 2010. That’s gotta be somewhat concerning even to the most optimistic of fans.

- As crappy as the departure of LaPolice is for Rider fans, imagine how Greg Marshall must feel. The man has now been in contention for that job the past 3 times they’ve had an opening and has been passed over each and every time. You’d think at some point Marshall would get the hint that maybe the Bombers don’t want him.

- As I suspected, it sounds like Joe Womack won’t be accepting the scouting job the Riders offered him. Unlike Marshall, I think Womack got the hint that he wasn’t really wanted.

- I will be shocked if LaPolice doesn’t entice Steven Jyles to sign with Bombers

- Generally when players can make the NFL they head north (to the CFL). Well what happens when a player can’t crack the CFL? … Apparently they head even further north… at least that’s what Teale Orban is doing. After unsuccessfully exploring his CFL options, Orban is headed up to Alaska to try out for the Fairbanks Grizzlies of the IFL. When asked about his knowledge of the indoor game, Orban told the team that he has an Arena League video game that he has played… thus making him the most decorated Alaskan recruit ever.

NFL Workout Watch

Here’s who has been attracting attention south of the border…

Joel Bell – Cowboys
As if I need another reason to drink.

Ricky Foley – Jets, Patriots and Ram
That’s quite the spectrum of defenses to audition for. From the league leading Jets D to the lowly Rams and Patriots D that their own coach doesn’t have faith in.

Justin Medlock – Texans and Falcons
Damon Duval - Falcons
Sandro DeAngeles – Cowboys and Falcons
Given the quality of kicking late this season in the NFL, if one of these guys doesn’t get a shot down south I’ll be shocked.

And perhaps most surprisingly…
Chris Jones – Bengals and Falcons
Seriously? Him? These tryouts must have been offered based on his physical dimensions because it certainly wasn’t due to his awe-inspiring on-field performances.

CFL Ins and Outs

Hall of Fame
In: Elfrid Payton, Tracy Ham, Donald Narcisse and Bob Cameron (2010 inductees)
Great to see Narco get inducted. Over 12,000 career receiving yards, 75 career TDs, 216 consecutive games with a catch and one infamous celebration dance… it all adds up to one of the all-time great receivers in CFL.

In: RB Dahrran Diedrick (contract extension)
Out: DB Davis Sanchez (released)
Apparently Sanchez requested his release which is a fairly bold move for an aging veteran playing on the best team in the league. It’s not likely that you are going to find a better option.

In: WR Derick Armstrong, OL Dumane Duckett (free agent signing)
Out: Barron Miles (retired)
Out with the old and in with… well the old. Miles was the best safety in the CFL bar none so that will be a huge loss (though he’ll be staying on as a coach). While I still bet Armstrong has game left in him, word is Buono is also interested in brining Barrin Simpson back to BC. Even Davis Sanchez is trying to convince the Lions to sign him. Suddenly the Lions seem to have become the destination of choice for aging vets and I’m not really sure why. Maybe given the myriad of QB injuries the Lions have had to deal with, they all assume that the team has a superior medical staff.

In: DB Joshua Abrams, DB Peter Ittersagen (free agent signing)
If you want a sign that Adam Rita’s recruiting efforts are misguided (as if further proof is even needed)… Joshua Abrams was an offensive player (receiver/RB) for his college career, yet is being brought in to compete in the secondary. What’s next a QB prospect that primarily played trumpet in college?

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