Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Update

Here’s a quick update on what’s going on

- Taman has managed do his first useful act as Rider GM. He has signed Tad Kornegay to a new deal which is great news! Unlike our previous signings who were in no danger of leaving, fresh off a Western All-Star nomination, Kornegay definitely had interest from other teams.

- The other big news was the signing of Dominique Dorsey to a 1 year plus an option, 125K a year deal. I’m a bit torn on this one. On one hand, adding a former Special Teams Player of the Year who is a threat to score at any time is a good thing. On the other hand, I’m not really sure we needed him. Dorsey is a great kick returner and decent change of pace back. Thing is we are loaded with “change of pace” backs (Foord and Charles) plus we already have quality returner in Armstead. Dorsey is not an every down back and that is what we really need (remember the last time we tried that? He’s performance got him shipped to Winnipeg). So while I don’t mind having a talent like Dorsey (who is still fairly young) on our team, I don’t think we really needed him and should be focusing on other priorities. Especially since Jim Daley will use his limitless ineptness to somehow squander Dorsey’s talent anyways.

- Stephen Jyles is currently mulling over competing offers from the Riders and Blue Bombers. Both offers are reportedly around $100K/season. So the decision will likely come down to playing time for Jyles. Here his role is clear. He is Durant’s back-up and will only play mop-up duty barring injury. In Winnipeg, the starter’s spot is wide open and he will be given every opportunity to compete for it under the guise of his old OC LaPolice (not to mention that his competition includes the likes of Michael Bishop so the bar won’t be set overly high). I could really care less whether he stays or goes. Either we get a veteran back-up or one of our young prospects gets a chance to step up. That said if Jyles turns down a legitimate chance at starting to stay here as our back-up, I would have serious concerns about his competitiveness and drive. A 2nd string QB should be hungry for playing time and eager to show his skills, not content to sit on the bench and botch the occasional 1 yard plunge.

- The Riders currently also have contract offers out to Chunky Adams (pretty much a done deal), James Patrick (who is said to be leaning towards re-signing), Eddie Davis (negotiations have come down to money) and Wes Cates (who is rumoured to be headed to Toronto).

- The Argos sent PK Sam to the Stamps for in exchange for Jermaine Copeland. This is a brilliant move by the Stamps. Copeland is aging and coming off a career season that he is unlikely to replicate. His value is at a peak. So trading him for a younger and cheaper receiver who is already playing pretty good football is a great move. From the Argos perspective I can see the value in adding a proven veteran when you are trying to rebuild an offense… though unless they plan to play Copeland at QB they are still stuck with the same problems as last season.

- Edmonton and Hamilton swung a major trade as well. The Esks sent Maurice Mann to the Ti-Cats in exchange for DB Chris Thompson. I think this is a good trade for both teams. Mann will give Hamilton’s offense a boost and help open up some room for Arland Bruce. The Esks secondary has been atrocious since the Ottawa Renegades last played so they need all the help they can get.

- I’m shocked to report that interest in free agent DB James Johnson has been thus far on par with the Norwegian hockey team’s offensive output.

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