Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rider Prophet Roughrider Trivia Challenge

I figured it was time for a little reader participation. So I present to you the first ever Rider Prophet Trivia Challenge.

There’s 10 trivia questions below. If you think you know the answers send me an email: . Whoever gets the most right wins. And what’s the prize for the fabulous contest… You will get bragging right and be publicly acknowledged on this blog for your superior knowledge of otherwise useless facts.

Good luck.
1. We currently have 3 former first overall picks in the Canadian draft on our roster. Who are they?
2. How many current Roughriders have won a Grey Cup before the 2007 win? Bonus points if you can name them.
3. What former Rider holds the CFL record for most defensive tackles in a regular season game?
4. Who is the most intercepted CFL QB of all time?
5. How long was Paul McCallum’s record setting FG?
6. Kent Austin is 2nd all-time in passing yards at Ole Miss. Who is 1st?
7. Who holds the CFL record for most rushing yards by a QB in a regular season game?
8. What town is Gainer originally from? Bonus: What was the name of his short lived cousin?
9. Since the Regina Rams moved to the U of R in 1999, how many Rams players have the Roughriders drafted? Who?
10. The CFL has had several failed franchises over the years, leading to dispersal drafts in 1995, 1996 and 2006. Who did the Roughriders use their first selection on in each of those drafts?

Bonus question: Who is the Rider Prophet’s favourite player?

Winners will be announced Monday.

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