Monday, May 12, 2008

The Results Are In…

It’s time to announce the winner in the Rider Prophet Trivia Challenge.

There were 23 possible points and stake and one person went lights out and nailed all 23 of them. So congratulations to Brent S. In the world of otherwise useless Roughrider knowledge you reign supreme. Your prize for winning is bragging rights amongst your friends and a virtual high five from the Prophet.

For those of you whose Rider knowledge is not at the same level as Brent or myself here are the answers:

1. The 3 first overall Canadian draft picks on our roster are Scott Shultz (2001), Steve Morley (2003) and Wayne Smith (2004) (Funny that only 1 of them was our draft pick and other 2 were acquired by Eric Tillman)
2. Five current Riders have won the Grey Cup before 2007. Jeremy O’Day (1997, Tor), Eddie Davis (1998, Cgy), Corey Grant (1999, Ham), Marcus Crandell (2001, Cgy) and Michael Palmer (2004, Tor).
3. Reggie Hunt holds the CFL record for most defensive tackles in a regular season game with 16.
4. The most intercepted CFL QB of all time is Ron Lancaster.
5. Paul McCallum’s record setting FG was 62.5 yds, tying a professional football record.
6. Eli Manning is the all-time passing leader at Ole Miss.
7. Nealon Greene holds the CFL record for most rushing yards by a QB in a regular season game with 180 (Sadly that record setting game was against the Riders while Nealon was an Eskimo)
8. Gainer the Gopher hails from Parkbeg Saskatchewan. His cousin is/was Leonard.
9. Since the Regina Rams moved to the U of R in 1999, the Riders have drafted 4 Rams: Mike Thomas (2003), Craig Zimmer (2004), Ryan Ackerman (2007), and Teale Orban (2008). Some people will say Neal Hughes but Hughes went undrafted and signed as a free agent.
10. This question may have caused some confusion given how it was worded. I was looking for the first picks in the drafts following the 95 and 96 seasons. But given that a dispersal draft took place in 1995 following the 94 season this led to some confusion as to which draft I was referring to (3 dispersals in 3 years, man those were good times for the CFL). Anyway here a list of the 4 players we picked first in the dispersal drafts (any of them were acceptable responses):

1995 – Prince Wimbley III
1996 – Curtis Mayfield
1997 – Lamar McGriggs (not David Archer as many would have guessed)
2006 – Kerry Joseph

And for the bonus question the Rider Prophet’s favourite player is Kitwana Jones (contrary to some speculation it is not James Johnson or Henri Childs).


Bill said...

where is cousin leonard?

Brent said...

I remember one game where he flashed us. He wore blue jeans, you see, so he unbuttoned and unzipped them and gave us a look. Perhaps he was fired for indecent exposure.

Rider Prophet said...

Well this is Saskatchewan, maybe Leonard met an untimely end when someone tried to get a quarter for his tail.

Barring that the other logic explanations given that he's a gopher include poisoning or loosing a game a chicken with a car on the highway.

Anonymous said...

Where's reedsblack lately? i miss his hilarious outlook on life!

Rider Prophet said...

I'm not sure what happened to the always interesting reedsblack... He kinda came out of nowhere and seems to have returned there.

Reed if you're out there, send us a nonsensical insult as a sign that you are still alive.

reed's black said...

i see my comments about miranda was right and has nothing else in life if i make no posts, so now little jessica you can run out to the play park a tell your friends (and i use the term friend very lightly can you call them friends if you have to pay them to be around you) "that i'm to much of a weak ltl girl to put a name to anything i say" you make me sick

Rider Prophet said...

Ask and ye shall receive...

Brent said...

Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

This guy makes a drunken Guest seem coherent

reed's black said...

o good try chantel now how about a real insult if that is what you are trying to do