Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random, Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

As expected, there has been a dry spell when it comes to Rider/CFL news, so rather than a coherent post, I'm reduced to posting a series of random, quasi-coherent thoughts that may or may not be related. You'll find that it's really not much different than normal posts other than the fact that it's in point form instead of paragraphs.

- Training camp is under 2 weeks away and it can't come soon enough. With the NHL playoffs now on only every second night and the World Championships over I may be reduced to following horse racing to fill my sporting void.

- I wonder if Big Brown will be able to capture the elusive Triple Crown... Oh god it's happening already!! I'm in serious need of some football.

- Anyone else thinks it's a bit odd that both our starting defensive tackles have slimmed down considerably in the offseason? I thought their job was to plug the middle... Chunky, Schultzy for goodness sake get off that treadmill and eat a pizza or something! Leave the speed thing to the Ends.

- The Riders traded import receiver Roosevelt Kiser to BC for import lineman Amariah Farrow. Now obviously any player Wally Buono is willing to part with causes me some skepticism but I do love how Tillman always loads up on linemen. Going into camp we have at least 14 hoggies on the roster (5 starters and 5 more who would be starters on most other teams). Look for a trade similar to the Lazeo-Cates trade of last season to go down sometime before the regular season opens. I mean, what other CFL team has enough depth on the line to be able to trade an entire starting offensive line and still keep their starters and 4 decent back-ups?

- Edmonton picked up former Rider running back Shermar Bracey. Now Bracey had a couple big runs while he was here but the fact that he was cut in favour of Henri Childs should tell you something about his abilities.

- The way the Esks have been wildly signing and releasing players makes it seem like Maciocia has a quota of 3 signings and 3 releases per day (a quota he has been meeting or exceeding most days). My theory for the revolving door at Commonwealth Stadium is that Maciocia feels that people have caught on to the fact that he really does nothing of value for the team and is trying to dispel that thought by making a ridiculous amount of roster moves. He must sit at his desk playing Solitaire all day and then when he hears someone coming he quickly gets on the phone and signs or cuts someone to make it seem like he's actually working.

- The Bombers signed Jovon Johnson. I really liked Jovon and thought he was way better than that other Johnson. Problem is Jovon thought the same thing and was way more vocal about it than me which tends to negatively affect your tenure with Eric Tillman's team.

- The Bombers also extended Derrick Armstrong and Terrence Edwards. Not sure how you go from rumours of significant cap trouble to miraculously being able to re-sign Goodspeed, Canada, Sheridan, Glenn, Armstrong and Edwards. Maybe Taman read the Wally Buono guide to salary management.

- 2008 must be the Year of the Retired Fullback. Julien Radlein, Gerald Commissiong and Mike Mauer all announced their retirement recently. Radlein will be looking for a career outside of football, Mauer may pursue his mixed martial arts career and Commissiong is reported to need to the time off to attend important events like prom night and high school grad (Seriously, can you call it a retirement when you quit after your rookie season?)

- The Calgary Stampeders have signed 3 import receivers (Tyrone Calico, Chris Jackson and Jessie Burton). In other news, Stampeders management are still trying to figure out exactly what this new concept called defense is but are hoping that by signing no defensive players a strong one will magically appear.

- Anyone else wonder who this Reedsblack guy is and what horrible life events have turned him into the ranting ball of hate we see before us?


Anonymous said...

I don't know where Reedsblack is, or where he comes from...but you should give him an award! I'm thinking about starting a Reedsblack fan club!

reed's black said...

possible the prophet's mother after a night gone wrong made me the person i'm today or pussy people who dont put there names to word writen

i like the fan club idea, about time that came about

CK said...

Perhaps it's the fact that his name is so close to "Rod Black" that has him upset? He might feel more at home on a figure-skating blog.

reed's black said...

well played kiss wana be but the real kiss members got ass so you just keep working and with that outfit you might get some from a giant gopher

Anonymous said...

Good observation CK, though God help the figure skating world if reedsblack were ever unleashed on them.

CK said...

Naw, one look from Tonya Harding and he'd be rolling around on the ground. I can only imagine the look on his face once "the Brians" finished with him.