Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Him? Seriously?

In my last post I promised a return to football related sentimonies today. I almost had to reneg on that promise since there wasn’t much Riders news to talk about. Then as I was preparing to draft some poor attempt at a filler post, I heard the news that the Riders had brought in a new player that they expect to start on Labour Day. For those of you who haven’t yet heard who it is I’ll give you some hints.

- He is a former all-star receiver
- He played for the Riders for a year and a half
- He would have been part of the Grey Cup run in 2007 if he didn’t ask to be the focal point of our offense and subsequently get traded away
- He has been cut by 3 teams over the past 2 years
- The last time we heard of him he was waving his gun at his girlfriend as she sped away in her car

That’s right, today the Riders are welcoming back Jason Armstead.

After mulling things over during the bye week it seems as though the powers that be have decided that the answer to our non-existent return game is to bring back Armstead. While I have to give credit to Tillman for attempting to something about our return game, I’m pretty skeptical about how effective this will be. Armstead was the last Rider to return a kick for a TD but to be fair Jerald Baylis was the last Rider to be named Defensive Player of the Year but I doubt he’d give much of a boost to our defense today. Furthermore, the last time I saw Armstead play at Mosaic he was costing games the Als and Bombers games by either kneeling when he should have run, running when he should have knelt or fumbling when he should have not been on the field in the first place. So forgive me if I seem a bit skeptical about the move.

It seems Tillman and Miller are getting into the spirit of the league retro weeks. A few weeks ago we brought in the ’89 team as special guests. This week we are bringing in members of the ’06 team… as players. In addition to Armstead, our injuries at tackle have led to the return of Antonio Hall and injuries at LB are paving the way for the return of Reggie Hunt. I guess since Tillman is not allowed out of his house he has resorted to using a Delorean or possibly a phone booth (ala Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) to conduct his scouting duties.


Brent said...

Ahhh, if only he was using that phone booth. We could have signed Genghis Khan, who was a real badass once he put on that football helmet.

Anonymous said...

Any Pac-Man Jones thoughts?

Rider Prophet said...

Brent - its always reassuring to find that I'm not the only Bill and Ted fan.

Unknown said...
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reed's black said...

as for pac-man i think you are wrong about dancers because if he were to throw a roll of loonies they would thank him then hold the roll in there fist and proceed to knock him the fuck out. i'm not sure he is prepared for what he might find in there.

as for armstead i think we will do just fine because if he screws up then the next place he will find employment will be at dancers.

last thought is you forgot to mention that matt 88 was also on the field working out. but i think they were looking at him for our water boy position but they want to make sure that his knees will hold out first.