Saturday, August 29, 2009

Maritime Thoughts From The Rider Prophet

The combination of me being on vacation and the Riders being on the bye week has led to me having absolutely nothing football related to talk about… well aside from the once mighty Calgary Stampeders almost embarrassing themselves by losing to an Argo offense that consisted entirely of the check down to Jamal Robertson last night.

Anywho, since I have nothing to say about football and today is the last day of my quasi-deserved vacation, I figured I would relay to you some random thoughts/observations from my trip to PEI…

- The economy in PEI seems to be based entirely on potatoes and Anne of Green Gables. In a surprising coincidence, the economy is not doing so well.

- Though there are many tours that allow you to see seals, none of them allow you to actually club one (what a gyp!).

- There are no restaurants on the island … only eateries. In fact, everything ends in “ery”. Eatery, winery, creamery, fishery, shopery, prostitutery, drug dealey, etc…

- Peeing in the ocean is as satisfying as it sounds.

- Orca whale steaks are incredibly hard to find. I was very disappointed.

- Mermaid tears = false advertising

- I was not brave enough to try “potted meat” so it will forever remain a mystery.

- My apologies to the members the Rider Prophet staff who were informally promised presents… I inadvertently spent all my money at the aforementioned prostitutery so there will be no gifts.

- Lastly and most important, congratulations to my cousin Kyle who won a silver medal in the 1500m wheelchair race in the Canada Games. I was proud to be on hand to see it first hand

I’ll be back Monday with some football related sentimonies.

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