Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Still More Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

As expected, virtually nothing is happening in the CFL, so the string of quasi coherent thoughts continues (and with free agency a month away things will get worse before they get better)

· Cameron Wake made his rumoured departure from the CFL official by signing a 4 year deal with the Miami Dolphins worth $4.9 million ($1M of which is guaranteed). The deal is the largest NFL contract ever offered to a CFL player. I guess when you’re offered a signing bonus worth more than what you’d make in the CFL over the rest of your career it’s a pretty easy decision to make.

· Barrin Simpson is apparently willing to take a pay cut to remain with the Blue Bombers. The reported deal would see Simpson have his current $180K contract cut by $65,000. The offer is essentially a choice between a pay cut and an outright cut… or as it’s more commonly referred to “the Kerry Joseph Special”

· Other players who may also be offered a Kerry Joseph Special this offseason include Casey Printers, numerous BC Lion veterans and Kerry Joseph (… Oh Why Me?!)

· According to the Prairie Dog, the definitive Rider book has yet to be written. This looks like a job for the Rider Prophet!

· Gene Makowsky and Matt Dominguez will make a guest appearance on Corner Gas tonight. By all accounts filming of their scene went well other than the fact that the production crew had to go out and buy bigger camera lenses so they could capture all of Makowsky’s massive head in one shot.

· Would somebody cover Larry Fitzgerald?! While I realize he is arguably the best receiver in the NFL right now, you’d think someone would at least make an attempt to cover him. I mean he’s only accounted for over half the Cardinals passing game and 5 postseason TDs.

· Speaking of the NFL, how rank were the hits in the Ravens/Steelers game? I was pretty sure, given that the 2 hardest hitting defenses were going head to head, there was a good chance someone was going to die (especially given the presence of ol’ stabby himself Ray Lewis). I guess someone leaving on a stretcher is close enough.

As you can tell from the filler written above, I’m in dire need of material, so if there is a topic you’d like the Rider Prophet to discuss please let me know. From sports to dating advice to discussions on the cultural impact of Kids Street… no topic is too obscure or insignificant.


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear your ideas with regard to Canadian content in the CFL; especially the chances of changing rules to give a Canadian QB a fair chance to develope.

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion Ronbo. I'll get to work on that.

Luke said...

I always liked when they clapped above their heads on Kids Street, I have no explanation why. Probably because it just looks so unnatural, I was transfixed.

Anonymous said...

Funny story... on the weekend me and a few buddies were at casino playing a little blackjack. For fun, everytime the dealer busted we would all do a Kids Street clap (we even got a couple complete stangers to join in). You should have seen the looks we were getting.

The only dissapointing thing was that when we won we weren't offered our choice of toys as a prize.

reed's black said...

well topics
depression and the relation to watching said eeor as a child

and in that note sesame street in general.

why prophet is not been named D coord.

why profet has been seen visiting trivis smith on conjical visit day

that fact that you have gone waek (jam tart weak) and walked a way from jason tucker comment, you use to be all over that and would find the one guy that was all but dead in side and kick him in the sack, and then laugh about it and bring it up for month to fallow.

you've changed man....... you've changed.

eat shit to all

Luke said...

Wow, that made my day... seriously. Just a spectacular, flaming globe of pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

Reed I won't lie, that may be one of your best all time comments.