Friday, January 16, 2009

More Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

Until something big happens in the CFL I will continue to post quasi coherent thoughts on quasi noteworthy news. Where’s Tillman with a highly controversial trade when I need him?

- The CFL salary cap will remain at $4.2 million for 2009 given the slumping world economy. This is in stark contrast to the MLB where their response to a slumping economy is to even further inflate the ridiculous contracts being offered to players

- Speaking of leagues making decisions that are devoid of logic, the NHL is considering Las Vegas and the Rose Bowl as possible sites for their next Outdoor Classic where the average temperatures in January are 14 and 19 degrees Celsius respectively. What, was everything in the Dominican already booked?

- After 10 years with the Blue Bombers, GM Brendan Taman has resigned. For Bomber fans this means that the years of recklessly trading away their 1st round draft picks are hopefully over… well starting in 2010 at least, Taman had already taken the liberty of trading this year’s first rounder (for Zeke Moreno). Guess he gets the last laugh after all.

- The Argos officially named Bart Andrus as their new Head Coach. Andrus was quick to address concerns with his lack of CFL experience: “I've always watched the game," he said. "I've got friends that coach in the league." That may be Mr. Andrus, but I have friends who are in the medical field and I have watched a few brain surgeries on TV but I don’t feel as though that qualifies me to do it myself.

- Cam Wake is continuing his circuit of NFL tryouts. This week he was in Miami adding the Dolphins to a list of interested suitors that already includes Tennessee, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Minnesota, and Denver. At this rate the odds of Wake returning to the CFL in 2009 are roughly equivalent to the odds of the Detroit Lions winning Super Bowl XLIV.

- One CFLer the NFL is apparently not interested in is Sandro DeAngeles. Despite making his interest in heading south quite well known, Sandro has yet to receive a single call from an NFL team. Part of me hopes the NFL spurns him completely so his ego can get taken down a peg or 2. Another part of me hopes someone does sign him only to issue a press release the next day saying the DeAngeles signing announcement was an error, they meant to say Luca Congi.

- Jason Tucker is set to become the new receivers coach in Edmonton. Media Consultant has advised me that any joke or irreverent comment about a broken neck would fall under the “too soon” category so I will limit my commentary on this story to “Congrats Jason” and move on.

- However since I can’t go a whole post without some irreverent commentary how about this one… Trevis Smith was granted full parole after serving just 2 years of his 6 year sentence. My only question is, since Canada is deporting a known spreader of HIV to the US, does this count as biological warfare?

CFL Ins and Outs

In: Johnny Quinn, Brandon “Bam” Childress (signed for 2009)
How exactly do you manage to get your nickname included in the official press release for your signing?

In: Kevin Eiben (re-signed), Jordan Younger (free agent signing)
So in the end Younger followed the exact same path as Omarr Morgan… put in an all-star caliber season with one team, follow it up with a mediocre at best season with the Eskimos, get released and return to the first team. This pattern certainly bodes well for the Eskimos future ability to recruit high profile DBs.

Out: Jeff Piercy (retired)
Piercy will be pursuing his MBA at Oxford. The man is clearly very intelligent, as evidenced by his unwillingness to return to the Hamilton Ti-Cats.

In: Daryl Stephenson (re-signed)
Daryl’s bio on is blank… if they can’t find something worth posting about him, why should I?

In: CB Blue Adams, LB Ramon Guzman, WR Frantz Hardy, DT Martavius Prince (signed for 2009)
Prince is clearly wasting a quality name on football when it is better suited for life as a gladiator or Roman conqueror. Also, upon some research, Ramon Guzman is not related to former Blue Jay pitcher Juan Guzman, nor is he related to former wrestler Razor Ramon, Spanish con conquistador Leo Guzman, Dutch muay thai fighter Ramon Dekker or any of the Ramones (you know, in case you were wondering).

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