Monday, April 1, 2019

Monday Morning Sentimonies: This and That

Repeat after me: Check the date on the calendar before freaking out about anything you read online today. Please!

Ok with that public service announcement out of the way let's get to some football talk. It's going to be a smattering of this and that (i.e. only slightly less coherent than normal). 

Let's start with the NFL preseason game that is officially not coming here. People are mad at the Riders for allegedly saying no to the proposed game. My question is why? What do you expect them to say? Please kick us out of our stadium for a week. Please make getting the stadium ready for our home game a giant hassle. And please do all of this with zero monetary benefit to us. Yes the Riders certainly seem like jerks for not wanting a game that posed them risk for zero potential reward. You should be directing your anger towards the city... they own the stadium and stood to benefit greatly from this game. While they certainly should consider the views of the Riders, they are not bound to do their bidding. At the end of the day while I'm disappointed, I've filed this under "things that aren't worth spending time being angry on". It didn't work out, oh well. That said, I'd be lying if I said that potentially losing this game to the like of Winnipeg has to burn you just a bit. If at any point someone chooses willingly going to Winnipeg over you, you have failed at something. 

Next up is the new voice of the Riders, Derek Taylor. I was very surprised to hear he was hired... but pleasantly so. Like many I assumed we'd find someone local to become the next voice of the Riders. While I'm sure there are qualified people locally, I like that the Riders cast their nets wider. Taylor's hiring was big news across the country. Do you think a convenience hire like Ballsy would have drawn that attention? Plus Taylor is just a great hire. Smart, passionate, good on the air. The only down side is the loss of "The Details" on TSN. Their search for the next stats nerd begins now. 

Side note: I did submit an audition tape but was not quite what they were looking for. The feedback was that my commentary was a but too profanity laden, frequently involved me pointing out the stupidity of some Rider fans and frequently segued to long winded side stories and sitcom references that were only loosely tied to the goings on in the game and that only like 4 people would understand. It did make me wonder though, if there would be a market for Rider game tape dubbed over with official Prophet commentary."Welp Brandon Bridge is in the game... we're screwed. I'm going to leave now to beat the traffic to the bar."

Please don't forget about the checking the calendar thing. If you message me about some ridiculous headline I will respond by calling you an idiot (or some colourful various thereof).


Anonymous said...

I thought your tape was excellent, but giggling after saying Drew Willy every time may have cost you. :-)


Rider Prophet said...

There are some things a man just can't compromise on.

Anonymous said...

Elizondo leaving Ottawa. Kharma biting the Redblacks in the rear end. The team that had 3 1sts & a 2nd in the East & was in the Grey Cup 3 times in 4 years looks like a contender for last with the might Als. We'll have to see if LaPo sticks around the Peg when his contract is up. There will be HC openings I'm sure. The West has 5 pretty good clubs & they can't all make the playoffs.

Rider Prophet said...

Yup. I don't think anyone outside of Ottawa feels bad about that. You reap what you sow

Anonymous said...

AAF folding. Big surprise. Anyone we would be interested in -Khalil Bass? Knox still unsigned free agent.

Rider Prophet said...

Kacy Rogers, Ciante Evans, Dylan Wynn, Bass... Some decent talent suddenly available. Knox is out there not sure why.