Thursday, April 18, 2019

CFL Draft 2019 Team Preview: Montreal Alouettes

The Als are apparently fans of extended waits. For example they haven’t been in the postseason for 4 years now (and based on how things are trending that drought may continue). They also dislike first round picks so much that they have decided not to have a first round pick again until 2022. But don’t worry the 2 they spent on Johnny Manziel were totally worth it. The Als are doing dismal both on and off the field. They may have new owners by the draft and hopefully that will start a slow upward trend for the team.

Picks: 8 picks, first selection is 13th Overall

2018 Draft Assessment: In true Kavis Reed fashion, even when he did something good he found a way to screw it up. They wisely traded down from the first overall spot and still drafted OL Trey Rutherford (who I believe was their target all along). It cost them a 2019 first rounder but they got vet OL Ryan Bomben. Good deal. But they only kept Bomben for 6 games before trading him for an import DB and a 3rd round pick. Not such a good deal. Outside of Rutherford it was a case of quantity over quality. They had 9 other picks but other than Bo Banner who has potential as a rotational DL the rest of the group seem to be depth people at best. The addition of OL Tyler Johnstone may have cost them their 2019 first rounder but he should be a solid addition.

Potential Pipeline: n/a (at one point they had DL Tyrone Crawford on their neg list but not sure if they still do… not that it matters, he ain’t coming north).

Current Strengths:
Improving their Canadian content was a priority this offseason. They added proven Canadian guys like Taylor Loffler, Bo Lokombo and vet OL Spencer Wilson. Loffler along with Henoc Muamba give them 2 impact Cdn defenders. Johnstone and Rutherford give then a good young core to go along with their vets (Matte, Brodeur-Jourdain, Wilson).

Current Needs:
Finding 7 quality Cdn Starters will be tough. They have 2 defenders and 3 OL but after that it gets scary. In theory Johnstone could play tackle and give their 4 OL. They have a lot of Cdn WRs but none of them are starting material. They lack enough talent to start a D-lineman. So those are both big areas of need. Also given that Matte, Brodeur-Jourdain and Wilson are all the wrong side of 30, continuing to build at OL would be a good idea.

I think the ALs have to take a DL or WR with their first pick (in round 2). But with having 2 second rounders and a high third (13, 16 and 19 overall) I could see them trying to swing a deal to trade up higher to get a more impactful player. With new ownership coming I have a feeling this will be Kavis Reed’s last draft… which is great news from the Alouettes but sad news for a blogger like myself whose gimmick is making fun of things.


Anonymous said...

Two things. As of yesterday it appears the bottom 2 (Als & Argos) will each get a territorial to start round 2. This nonsense will allow Kavis to pick a pretty good prospect with the Quebec pipeline, likely for O-line. Point 2 - this may not be Reed's last rodeo. There has been a push in the Edmonton media for Reed to be sought out for the vacant Presidency of the Eskimos, unbelievably. The idea is he would stick to the non-football side of the operations concentrating on building sponsorships & community events. Good luck with that. The past president had no football background but still had the power to fire Hervey when the 2 weren't exactly besties. How long before Reed "advises" the board that bringing in some obscure "well past their expiry date" American "once weres" to run the football show. On the bright side it wouldn't be "Fun with Flags" but "Fun with Kavis & Jason" would be much better. You're right on, as usual, with your assessment. The Als are a mess that even a little charity from the league won't fix quickly. But in the East it could be a 3 way dogfight behind Hamilton.

Rider Prophet said...

The "territorial" thing is dumb and seems very rushed and randomly added.

I don't understand how Kavis keeps getting promoted! He wasn't that good on a special teams coordinator but he keeps getting promoted despite sucking more at each level