Friday, April 26, 2019

CFL Draft 2019 Team Preview: Toronto Argonauts

We conclude our team previews with the team currently on the clock. The Argos have the first overall pick after a dreadful season. As much of an enviable position as it is, history is not on their side on this one. Looking at the last 4 first overall picks only one has actually panned out.
That’s not great news for the Argos who really need something to show for this pick. Their last 3 top picks (Ryan Hunter, Mason Woods and Brian Jones) are not with the team. Not exactly a recipe for success.
Picks: 9 picks, first selection is 1st Overall

2018 Draft Assessment: Two of their top 3 picks remain unsigned. First rounder Ryan Hunter is in the NFL. 3rd rounder Regis Cibasu got an NFL minicamp invite and then returned to school. They got a decent special teamer in Nelkas Kwemo but when that’s all you have to show for 3 top 20 picks that’s not great. If Hunter and Cibasu end up signing, then that drastically changes to evaluation but for now the impact is very minimal.

Potential Pipeline: TE Luke Wilson (Oakland), OL Ryan Hunter (Kansas City), WR Regis Cibasu (college)

Current Strengths: McEwen, Holmes, Bomben and Van Zeyl have them solid at OL with a number of others for depth. Cleyon Laing is a stud along the D-line and they have good depth behind him. They also have Gabriel at safety with Woodson and Webster for depth. Offensively Coombs and Cross are key playmakers in their offense. Llevi Noel is solid on special teams and developing as a receiver.

Current Needs: Their top OL are starting to be mostly on the wrong side of 30 so they need to keep building there. While they have quantity at receiver they could use a big more quality there. LB is another place they could look to add. Lastly their kicking game was utter crap last season. While the draft likely does not provide the solution for them there its something they should probably look into addressing.  

Prediction: Logic would say trading down makes some sense for a team with no galring needs but with no consensus #1 pick I doubt many teams are interesting in giving up much for it. That means the Argos likely keep the pick and take an OL. Most likely either Drew Desjarlais or Zach Wilkinson. Bonus prediction: with 2 third round picks it would make a lot of sense to offer one of those to the Riders for Tyler Crapigna. Even coming off injury he has to be better than what they had last season.


Anonymous said...

The Argos definitely need a kicker but a 2nd round pick in a strong draft year for a guy the Argos know the Riders don:t need? Is Popp that stupid? The Riders aren:t going to keep a roster spot for Crapigna. Both he and Bartel may be released if a certain Seahawk punter gets signed. They do have 3 guys on the wrong side of 30 but so do we - 4 if you count our import Coleman and we consider our O-line a strength. I agree though that there is the biggest concern. Three picks in the top 20? They could get a trio of really good prospects with the depth at O-line and receiver.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about Elimimian joining the Riders? It doesn't look like the Riders have reached out to Knox so I don't see a lot of interest there. But I think we need some help @ LB with Eguavoen gone. Despite his age & recent injury problems Solomon might be a stopgap measure for 2018.

Anonymous said...

OOps . 2019.

Rider Prophet said...

I can't imagine Crapigna nets more than a mid to late round pick but if you can get something its better than nothing (unless you plan on keeping him as an insurance policy)

I would love to have Elimimian in Green and White. Imagine him, Johnson and Evans in the middle? Age, injuries and salary play into it but if you can get him on an incentive laden deal you gotta explore that possibility. Kinda surprised we aren't more interested so far in Knox. He seems like a natural replacement for Eguavoen. Maybe he's asking too much money?