Friday, November 11, 2016

Prophet Picks the Playoffs

Rider football may be over (some would say mercifully), its not like I have anything better to do, so I though I would opine on this weekend's playoff match-ups.

East-Semi: Edmonton vs. Hamilton
Who I Want To Win: Hamilton
Who I Think Will Win: Edmonton
Why: A healthy Hamilton would have a good shot... only problem is Hamilton is about as healthy as the Riders are playoff bound. Tasker, Fantuz, Owens, Murray, Stephen, the list goes on. I don't think Hamilton has the players on defense to contain Reilly/Bowman/Walker and without Fantuz and Tasker, they don't have the firepower on offense to win in a shootout. The again, the Ti-Cats played them extremely close in Week 19. I would really like to see Austin completely out-coach Maas and have Maas complain about how it was the live-mic's fault (by the way I'm completely aware of the hypocrisy of not liking Maas given that our coach is far more notorious for acts of douchebaggery but I'm fickle and I don't care).

West-Semi: Winnipeg vs. BC
Who I Want To Win: Nobody
Who I Think Will Win: BC
Why: Look I know I should probably be pulling for Winnipeg. Lord knows their fans deserve something after all this time. But as mentioned above, I'm fickle an misery loves company so if the Riders have to be miserable so do the Bombers. Aside from my personal biases, I also think BC has the edge. Had this game been in Winnipeg I think they maybe could have pulled it out but BC certainly has the edge offensively and while Winnipeg may have the stronger defense overall, I think BC's will do enough to get the win. That said, if say Winnipeg were to win because Paul McCallum misses a short FG in overtime I would also find that an acceptable outcome.

I will be back on Monday providing my Sentimonies on the Durant contract situation as well as likely explaining why my above playoff picks were wrong.

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